Depositing options comprise two most popular methods, plus some other less popular ones.

Credit and debit cards

credit cardCredit cards are universally accepted by online bookmakers, especially when issued by popular ones like Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard. Depositing by credit card is easy, but withdrawing may be difficult or even not offered as an option by a bookmaker, so you should select another method for withdrawing. You will not be charged a fee by the bookmaker for using a credit or a debit card.

Depositing by debit card is also easy and fast. With debit cards the processing takes seconds, and means the verification of whether the amount you want to deposit is available in your account. As mentioned above, no fees are charged by the bookmaker. Debit cards are accepted as a method for withdrawals, unlike credit cards, which are either not accepted, or in rare cases when they are the amounts withdrawn must be smaller than the amounts deposited using the credit card. There are no limitations on the amounts withdrawn.


E-wallets are electronic services. You can use them for electronic transactions, such as buying or paying for items, depositing and withdrawing on bookie sites. You can also have your bank account linked to an e-wallet. After you set up the software, and deposited funds into it, you can use it for payments. For each transaction, you will need to supply a password, which will ensure the security of the transaction. e-wallets typically charge fees, but offer a highly secure payment system. Because many e-wallets are also accepted in supermarkets and other shops, you can use them both for depositing and withdrawing online and for shopping for groceries for example.

Popular e-wallets include Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Webmoney, Click2Pay, EntroPay, InstaDebit.

Other payment options

Bank Wire

bankPayment by bank wire is not very frequent nowadays, as it is not as convenient as depositing by credit card or debit card, and it is slower. But the security bank wires offer is extremely high, which is a benefit to consider. If you want to use bank wire and get fast topping up of your account, you can use fast bank transfer. To send a bank wire, you need to have online access to your bank account, so that you can send a transfer via the web, from the new payments section. The security is provided by your bank sending you a code, for example via SMS, and unless you enter the code you will not be able to send the bank transfer. In general, the transfer will take around 24 hours.

Fast Bank Transfer

As mentioned above, fast bank transfers offer you higher speed, of the order of hours. You will again send it using your online access to your bank account. The security will again be provided by the bank sending a code via SMS or an automatic phone call supplying that code, for you to enter so that the transfer can be processed by it.


paypalYou can set up your account on the PayPal site, if you don't yet have an account with this ubiquitous e-commerce site for money payments and transfers, renowned for its security. Then you can fund your account from your bank account. By using PayPal, you will not reveal personal data when making online deposits, and your payments will be processed promptly. But please note if you reside in North America, no payments of yours to online gambling sites will be processed. If you reside in Europe, or in the UK, payments are prompt and hassle free.

Because of its extreme security, PayPal is widely accepted by online bookmakers. On some sites, you will even get a bonus if you deposit your first amount via PayPal.


On the UKash site you can buy vouchers, and then you can make your deposit by providing the voucher code. The code contains 19 digits. You can also buy Ukash vouchers in shops, petrol stations, post offices. Just search for the nearest location selling such vouchers. The amount on Ukash vouchers is maximum £500, or €750.

Another service by Ukash is the offering of prepaid MasterCard. You need to preload the card, and then you can use it like any other card. UKash credit cards are also available, they are also MasterCards.

The UKash service is available in 14 currencies. The regulation by the FSA guarantees the safety of payments via this service.


This service, with its headquarters in Austria, has been offered since the year 2000. You must find an outlet selling PaySafeCards, and buy a card, that is, you will get a 16 digit PIN. You will use the PIN like you use your card number in order to make deposits. You can buy up to 10 PaySafeCard PINs at once. If you have bought several cards, you can check your cash balance on the PaySafeCard site.

Here again the advantage is you will not need to use personal data. You can ask for your PaySafeCard PIN to be disabled if it gets stolen.


This service is an alternative to PayPal and Moneybookers. You will start using it by setting up an account on their site. Your information will be verified by their representative who will call you to check it and inform you of the terms and conditions. You will receive the call within 3 minutes following registration. You will get a spending limit which will also be called star rating. Your star rating will increase as you use the site. You can fill your account via debit card, credit card, or from your bank account.

Security wise, this is one of the online payment types having the highest security. There will be severely restricted access to your personal data. Furthermore, when you make payments, you will not need to supply personal data.


skrillYet another system which helps you not to reveal personal data when making your deposit, Skrill is accepted by a host of bookmakers. You will fund your account via bank account or credit card, or debit card. Management of your account is easy, including via mobile app. You can set up your Skrill account on their site. Don't be misled by the Moneybookers/Skrill brand, top left. The service is undergoing a name change. The security on Moneybookers (Skrill) is high, customers' accounts are protected from frauds. And when you pay on a bookmaker site using your Moneybookers account, you won't supply personal data.


Neteller has the advantage that you can add virtually any payment method to it, so you can conveniently deposit on bookmaking sites. This can be a great advantage for punters residing in areas with restrictions on online gambling. Another advantage is that you can withdraw your funds from Neteller accounts directly to bank accounts, or directly via your debit card. You can also send money to another Neteller user.

You can set up your account on the Neteller site. Funding is easy via credit or debit card, or via wire transfer, or via online check. You can also withdraw funds to your Neteller account. Neteller is accepted in most European countries, but it is not permitted in the US and in some more countries.

The security of Neteller is extremely high, because your financial and personal information are specially protected. There are Neteller programs jointly with Visa and MasterCard, called Verified Securecode. Furthermore, when you deposit online via it, you will not supply any such information.


This service is also similar to PayPal. With it, you will not reveal your personal data when you deposit online. It is integrated for in-Facebook payments too. Furthermore, it will automatically calculate your VAT amount, and offer you a statement on it at the end on each year.

Like the other services described above, ClickandBuy will offer registration on their site. You can prefund your account, or you can add a funding source, a card or a bank account. Security here is also high, and is monitored continuously via McAfee.

There are also some other methods, like