Click2Pay is a relatively recent e-wallet system. That means you can use it to make instant online payments, including on online bookmaking sites. The method is increasingly accepted for purchasing from online stores as well.

The company maintaining the e-wallet was established in Germany in 2003. Now this method of payment is widely used for online purchasing and for online gambling. Its big advantage is you can withdraw funds from it from any spot in the world. Yet another advantage for punters is that bookie sites which accept the method are many, and they accept it for both depositing and withdrawing.

How to set up your Click2Pay account

It is easy to register an account on Click2Pay, similarly to registering on other e-wallet sites. You must visit their site to do that. The opening of the account will not cost you anything. You will be asked to provide your email address and the details regarding your bank account. You can also fill in another payment method to which the amounts should be charged. Then your email address will serve as your user name, and you will also get a password and a number for your account – the personal account number.

To ensure that you know the exact terms about using Click2Pay, a member of the staff will call you very soon after you have entered the required information. It usually takes 3 minutes from your registration until the call. The call purpose is to verify the personal data you have entered, and also to inform you regarding the terms and the conditions. These comprise the limits for spending.

The currency used on Click2Pay

For the time being, the only currency in which the accounts on the e-wallet are managed in the Euro.

The languages in which the Click2Pay site is available

The primary language on the Click2Pay site is English. But to facilitate customers, there are versions in the languages of a number of countries, like the United Kingdom, German, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Turkey, China, Japan.

The transferring of amounts via Click2Pay

For purchasing or to deposit on an online bookmaking site, you must enter the email address you registered with on Click2Pay, and then your personal account number for the e-wallet. These data will authorise Click2Pay to make the payment. You can also receive money with these data, by entering them in the payment window of the specific online vendor.

When you make a deposit via Click2Pay, it will arrive almost instantly, if you use a credit or debit card for funding your account. The transferring from the bank account to the Click2Pay account will take 2 to 3 days. If you use a virtual Visa card, you will have the transfer made in a day, without getting any fee charged on it.

Your spending limits on Click2Pay

The limits for your spending will be set according to your star rating. You will start with a low rating, but with time, when you use your wallet more and more, your star rating will soar.

Furthermore, the spending limits will be established in compliance with the credit limit, if you use a credit card to fund your e-wallet account.

The types of funding your Click2Pay account and using a bank card with it

You will choose the type of funding when you register your account. You can choose a bank card, or a bank account.

You can store money in your e-wallet, but if there is not enough money in it, you can use a bank card to pay the remainder you are due with it. The card should be registered earlier in order to be used. To withdraw, you can get a Visa Electron card to make payments with your Click2Pay money in real stores, or to withdraw amounts via an ATM.

The security of using Click2Pay

Although compared to some payment methods Click2Pay is relatively recent, it is already known for its high security. It efficiently protects the personal data and the funds of the clients who have their account on this e-wallet system.

One of the measures of security is the SSL encryption which is also used on online bookmaking sites. It is a high degree of encryption which comprises firewalls, so all transactions are checked with respect to security. The sensitive data of all customers are only seen by the security team with Click2Pay.

Another security measure is the constant backup of the system, so that if a failure occurs, the data will not be lost.

What fees you will be charged when using Click2Pay

The fees that you will be charged will be from the e-wallet system. The sending of amounts over Click2Pay is not charged fees. Like with other e-wallets, there is a charge of 3% when you deposit via credit card. Depositing via your bank account is almost always free of fees. As for withdrawing, the charge is typically about $2. You must check about the fees for the specific method of depositing that you intend to use for funding your Click2Pay account.

As for online bookies, they generally do not charge fees for depositing or withdrawing via Click2Pay. You must check with the specific bookie to be sure. For example, on Bet365 depositing and withdrawing via Click2Pay are without fees. When you deposit, the money will instantly appear on your account on Bet365. You must use the email address for registering on Click2Pay when you register on Bet365.

The advantages of using Click2Pay

This e-wallet system shares advantages with other e-wallet systems. First, your depositing is effected instantly and smoothly, by just entering your address and password for the e-wallet system. You do not reveal any sensitive data when registering on an online bookie site.

Secondly, this is a convenient method of payment when you register on several bookies. You can easily manage your payments, and you do not reveal sensitive data to any of the bookies.

There are some countries whose citizens cannot register on Click2Pay

Because the citizens of some countries cannot avail themselves of the Click2Buy service, you must check on their site whether your country is on that list. For examples, citizens of the US, Cuba