clickandbuy logoClickand Buy is an e-wallet. It was founded in Germany, and after the founding company moved to London, later it was bought by the German Deutsche Telekom. Now the e-wallet has users in over 30 countries, and the currencies which they can use the service are 120. Like with the other e-wallets in use, ClickandBuy users can fund their accounts via their bank accounts, or via transfers from credit or debit card. Funding via another e-wallet is also possible.

Opening an account on ClickandBuy

The opening of an account on the e-wallet is easy and complimentary. You can do it in two manners. The first one is by visiting their website and registering using the instructions, and the other is when you are making an online purchase, and at the checkout you must choose ClickandBuy.

The data you will need to enter are your personal data, plus the data regarding your bank account you are going to use, or the bank card you are going to use, for the funding of your account on Clickand Buy. You will be asked to provide your email address, your country of residence, the language you use, and also a security question, which, as usual with such registrations, can be selected from a dropdown menu.

The service supports 43 different manners of funding, so you can choose the most convenient manner or manners of payment into your e-wallet. Please check about the fees that you may be charged with each method, because in some countries and for some payment methods the fees tend to be very high.

ClickandBuy will verify the validity of that account, by the sending of a minimal amount of money. That amount will be refunded to you after the verification is completed and the registration is finished.

Then you will receive an user name and a chosen password. Next you must fund the account, and then it is ready to be used for online payments.

Another perk you get with ClickandBuy is that it will calculate the VAT, and will inform you about its amount when the year ends.

If you tend to make in-Facebook payments, you will be able to do these with your ClickandBuy e-wallet as well.

And the most important advantage for punters is that a plethora of online bookmakers accept this e-wallet for payments.

The advantage of using ClickandBuy for online gambling

Like with other e-wallets, with ClickandBuy punters have the advantage that they only use the user name and password they have on the service, and their bank details are not disclosed during payments. The e-wallet service not only protects punters' sensitive data, but also offers the highest safety and security.

In your account, you will be able to see what your balance amounts to, and also the transactions you have made. You can conveniently use a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, too, to check the balance and the transactions. In the event that you have some problems with a payment, you have the Buyer Protection feature, so you can get a refund for that faulty purchasing.

Using ClickandBuy on online bookmaking sites

When you register with an online bookmaker, you must choose ClickandBuy as your payment method. As mentioned above, in that way you will protect your personal data from being made available to the website.

Furthermore, you will not be charged any fees for using this e-wallet system to deposit funds into your online bookie account. If you wish to withdraw via ClickandBuy, too, you must check if the bookie you have chosen offers it in the withdrawal methods. When you withdraw funds from your online bookmaking site account, the amounts allowed and the fees that may be charged for withdrawing will depend on two factors: the specific online casino's policy, and the policy of the country where you reside.

The security provided by the ClickandBuy service

dollar symbolClickandBuy uses encrypted databases to store punters' personal information. The service uses a multiply redundant system. It is monitored continuously, round the clock, to ensure the security it abides by.

Thanks to the cooperation of this e-wallet service with McAfee, the European leader in the field of electronic transactions, it always ensures the compliance with the most stringent requirements for data protection, via the security checks implemented with very high frequency.

The fees that you may be charged for using ClickandBuy in online gambling

As mentioned above, opening your account on the e-wallet is free, and so are most methods of funding. You must be aware that choosing a credit card for funding will mean you will be charged a fee of 3.9%. As for withdrawing, you must check if the online bookie offers ClickandBuy as a withdrawal option, and if it charges fees on withdrawals via this e-wallet.

Furthermore, there can be cases in which you will have to cover some costs, for example the cost for a denied payment because of insufficient funds available in your account, for a case in which you did not provide enough information, or when you have not covered a debt to the ClickandBuy service. You can avoid getting your payments denied, or being charged fees for not covering your debts to the service, by keeping track of the amount available in your account, and paying your debts to the service in time.

Other cases in which you will be charged fees comprise currency conversions not including Euros, British pounds, or US dollars. But these fees tend to be reasonable.

Yet another type of fee, again a small one, will be charged when you withdraw amounts from your ClickandBuy account to your bank account.

You must use the e-wallet site frequently enough. If you have not used it for a whole year, and you still have an amount available in your account there, you will also be charged a fee.

The advantages of ClickandBuy for paying online will surely appeal to punters

Punters always look for convenient and secure payment options to make their deposits on online bookmaking sites. ClickandBuy meets their needs, with the opportunities to deposit for free, make prompt payments, protecting the security of payments and not making available customers' personal data. The service appeals to a lot of online bookmakers too, so they offer this payment option on their sites. Simply check if the bookie of your choice accepts payments via ClickandBuy.