EntroPay was founded in 2003, as one more method for making Visa payments. The company running the system is registered in the United Kingdom. А raft of users enjoy the EntroPay e-wallet, because of the advantages it commands for those who have it as a payment option.

Advantages of EntroPay

Being an e-wallet, EntroPay provides you with a simple registration, before you become its fully fledged user.

Then you can make your payments quickly and easily.

You will not be checked with respect to your credit situation. Your credit history will not be taken into account, which means different people can freely use EntroPay. That is because it is a prepaid service.

With the prepaying you can control your spending more easily.

This is a widely accepted e-wallet with online merchants and with online bookmakers.

You will not need to disclose personal or bank card data when paying online or making your deposits with online bookies, you will just provide your EntroPay username and password.

Another advantage is the offering of a virtual Visa card.

The e-wallet site is available in seven languages, which makes it easier for people from different countries to access and use it.

The safety accompanying your transactions with EntroPay is high, so you will not be bothered about security issues.

Receiving payments with EntroPay

You can easily receive payments from other users or from online merchants. Thanks to the virtual prepaid cards issued by the service, everyone can make fast payments, not bothering to send amounts by ordinary mail. These instant payments facilitate all users of the EntroPay system.

The options of funding your EntroPay account and your bank account from EntroPay

With EntroPay, you must choose the virtual Visa card, and you will use it on zillions of online shops, anywhere, worldwide. It will ensure you have money to spend at all times, and it will also come with the safeguarding of your privacy, because you will use it via EntroPay, and you will not need to disclose any details. With your prepaid Visa card, you can easily make your deposits for online gambling. Your additional advantage will be that you will not have the opportunity to overspend, you will only have the amount that you have prepaid for in the virtual Visa at your disposal for depositing.

You can transfer amounts from your EntroPay account to your bank account, with the service's bank transfer option.

The fees you must pay in connection with EntroPay usage

Your opening of the account, and the issuance of a prepaid Visa card are free services. Closing your account will also be done without any fees.

But when you charge funds into EntroPay via your bank card, there will be a small fee of 4.95%. For receiving money, there will be another fee, 1.95%.

If you carry out transactions between EntroPay cards, there will be a very small fee: £0.10.

For foreign currency exchanging when purchasing, the fee will be 2%.

For withdrawals, the fee will be £1.25.

For bank transfers, the fee will be 3.95.

As for payments to a personal account, these will be charged different fees, so you must check about the specific amount.

There are also some card related fees, for example, the delivery of your card and your PIN, if you live in the UK, will be £4.99, and for US customers that will be $9.99. Replacing your card will cost the same amount for UK and for US customers. For the issuance of another PIN, the fee will be £.99 for UK customers, or $1.99 for those based in the US.

If you withdraw from an ATM, you will be charged £1.25 if you reside in the UK, or $2.49 if you live in the US.

If you appreciate the convenience of a prepaid virtual Visa card, widely acceptable online and useful for depositing on online bookie sites, you may find that this convenience, plus the protection of your personal and bank card data are worth the fees you will be charged.

One more card opportuinity: a plastic MasterCard from EntroPay

In course of opening your EntroPay account, you can also indicate you wish to have a plastic card issued, so that you can withdraw amounts at ATMs. That will be a plastic MasterCard. You will not be subjected to a checking of your financial situation when you are issued this plastic card. But you will get it to further your convenience extended by EntroPay. With it, you will withdraw from your EntroPay account at an ATM, when you wish or need real cash.

Security provided by EntroPay

The security that will accompany your usage of this e-wallet is high, so you must not worry about how safe your transactions are. It is maintained continuously, round the clock, and comprises the following features:technology from GoDaddy, a global authority for security certification; 3D Secure, a new standard which was developed and is employed by Visa and MasterCard, to protect online transactions; modern firewalls and virus detection systems, to protect your sensitive data against unauthorised access or usage.

Furthermore, the security the e-wallet service provides, eliminating the need for you to provide bank details when making online transactions, is another guarantee of the safety of your online payments.

Yet another advantage is that EntroPay will not check your bank record, your credit card information, etc. That will not be necessary with the use of the prepaid Visa card.

The only measures you must undertake to protect your details will be connected with your EntroPay username and password, and with the details of your plastic MasterCard, if you decide to get one.

How you can use EntroPay on online bookmaking sites

To be able to use this service, you must have your account opened on EntroPay, and you can open it when you visit their site.

Next, you will need to deposit some amounts into your account, via your bank card. It can be a debit or a credit card. On depositing, you will be given a number. You can use that number on most sites which accept Visa cards.

The comprehensive acceptance of virtual Visa cards for online payments is an advantage that will help you both for shopping and for gambling at online bookies.