Fast Bank Transfer

Fast bank transfers have a great advantage: they can be sent, from one bank account to another, faster than ordinary transfers, in the course of one business day. This is important for sending personal transfers, business ones, and equally important for depositing on online bookmaker sites. These transfers are made by international banks, whereas bank wire transfers are made by domestic banks.

How you can deposit with a fast bank transfer

This type of payment is made from a bank account, so with an existent account of yours, that is simpler. But if you haven't you must open an account with a bank. In relation to online gambling, you should check if the bank selected, or the bank where your account is, is supported by the bookmaker for fast bank transfer sending. The support of banks varies, depending on the focus of online bookmakers.

After establishing a new account with a bank, you can go to the online bookmaker site, and choose fast bank transfer as the depositing option. Not all bookies accept it, so checking beforehand about it is recommended. This option of payment can be used for withdrawing, but please check below about the disadvantages and disadvantages of the method, because withdrawing is more complicated.

When you choose the fast bank transfer with the online bookie, you must also provide some data: the bank account number, and also your reference number given when you select the amount to be transferred. These are needed to help the bookmaker to deposit the funds which have arrived in your account.

You can choose the method from the cashier in your account, by clicking on the Fast bank Transfer logo. Then you must enter the amount you wish to deposit, any bonus code if you have one, and click the Deposit button. A unique ID for reference will be provided. You must give it to the bank, and it will be used as the reference for the transfer. The registering of the deposit will be made when you click on Confirm. Then you must log into your online bank account, and request your bank for the transfer. It is essential that you should mention the purpose of reference.

How you can withdraw with this method

The method for withdrawing is again easily available for selecting from the cashier. You must choose Withdrawal, and then click on the Fast Bank Transfer logo. Then enter the amount that you wish to withdraw, fill in the banking details for your bank account, and by clicking Withdrawal you will complete the process. If all the steps have been performed correctly, a message will come out, informing you of the successful withdrawal. A unique transaction ID will also be displayed, which you should note for your records.

The minimums and the maximums for depositing and withdrawing

You must check about these with the online bookie you have chosen to gamble with, because they can be diverse.

The fees for sending fast bank transfers

Most online bookies which accept this option will not impose fees for using it.

On some bookie sites, if you withdraw over a specific amount, you will not be charged any fees.

The advantages you get with this payment option

It goes without saying that the depositing via this method will be fast, faster compared to ordinary bank transfers. Another perk is that you will avoid going to a third party. Yet another is that you will be able to avoid paying via credit card and revealing its details in the payment process.

The security provided by some banks, which make a phone call to give you a security code, or send a security code via text message, is one more advantage to ensure that your payment will arrive safely.

Consider the possible disadvantages as well

On different online gambling sites, the speed can be different, so it is essential to check their way of processing before using this option.

As for withdrawing, fast bank transfer will present inconveniences, because you will need to go through additional verification. That is auspicious, security-wise, to prevent fraud, but you may not be satisfied with the speed of withdrawing. Again check in advance, as about depositing.

You should note that the online bookies that accept this method are not many.

Security ensured with fast bank transferring

As mentioned above, the secure code sent by the bank is guarantee of the safety of your payment. Banks have strict security policies, so your payments will be guaranteed to be protected. If you do not disclose your username and password for online banking, you will be safe at all times.

If you see a suspicious website, or a link in an email which has been sent you, with instructions to enter your online banking data, you should not be deceived: that will be a fraud, the so called phishing. Don't be deceived into doing that, and your security will be high.