INSTADEBIT was founded in Canada, but since then it has expanded the range of its services. It was used for gambling deposits, but when the restrictive measures were imposed by the US government, this e-wallet system could not be used in America for gambling deposits any more. INSTADEBIT is still used in a number of courntries, but it faces competition from other e-wallet systems which are firmly established. An advantage of INSTADEBIT is the lack of fees for their customers, so this is why many punters turn to this payment method.

Sending and receiving funds via INSTADEBIT

This system is linked directly to the banking networks of Canada. It is available to Canadian nationals having bank accounts with Canadian banking institutions.So customers who have their e-wallet accounts with it can access their bank accounts and make payments, including deposits on online bookmaking sites. If in the INSTADEBIT there is not a sufficient amount for paying or for depositing, the funds will be taken from the bank account of the e-wallet customer.

As for withdrawing funds to the INSTADEBIT account, the funds will reach the account within 5 business days. Then you can use the amounts fed into the account for online payments with other merchants.

The currencies used on INSTADEBIT

Besides Canadian dollars, US dollars are also used on this e-wallet.

The languages in which the INSTADEBIT site is available

The languages in which the INSTADEBIT site can be used, besides English, comprise also French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish.

Setting up an INSTADEBIT account

That is achieved by filling in the registration form. For the registration, no depositing is needed. The data to be entered by you comprise your date of birth. The reasons for asking for this piece of information are two. First, it will serve as a means of verification for your identity. Second, in this way the use of the e-wallet system by persons aged under 18 years will be prevented.

Canadian citizens will be asked for the last four digits of their SIN, or social insurance number. That is also a means of verifying of the customer's identity. Please note that INSTADEBIT will never ask you for the full social insurance number.

You will be permitted to register only one bank account as linked to INSTADEBIT.

After the registration is completed, INSTADEBIT's identification system, IdentifyTM, will verify the data entered and the bank account for the newly created profile. The verification will be implemented in real time.

The verification will be implemented as follows. After creating your account, you will see that a small deposit from INSTADEBIT has been deposited into your bank account. That information will be included in your bank statement. That depositing is the way of verification. You must confirm the acceptance of the deposit on your profile on INSTADEBIT, by clicking on Verify Account in your INSTADEBIT account. Afterwards, you must enter the amount that was deposied earlier by the e-wallet service into your bank account. Then the verification will be achieved, and you will be awarded higher spending limits.

To make your purchasing on an online merchant site, you can have a preregistered INSTADEBIT account, but you can also create your account on the e-wallet site during the first transaction you make, by choosing this system as the method of payment. Then you will be directed to the INSTADEBIT site, where you will implement your registration, and you will make your first payment via it instantly after that.

The fees charged in connection with INSTADEBIT

As mentioned above, the INSTADEBIT system does not generally impose any fees on customers who have their e-wallet accounts with it. Merchants will be charged small fees, but you as a customer will not be obligated to pay any fees. You will not be due fees for depositing, for making payments, or for withdrawing.

There are, however, cases in which you will be charged fees, and they comprise the following situations. First, you will be charged a small fee when your transaction comprises currency conversion. Next, if you undertake a transaction but it transpires that the funds in your account are not enough, you will be charged $25. Additionally, if you withdraw from your e-wallet account to your bank account, the fee of 2 Canadian dollars will be charged.

As for online bookies, they do not charge fees for using this e-wallet system either. But you should first check about these details in case any changes have been made in the meantime.

Acceptance of INSTADEBIT by online bookmakers

Plenty of online bookmakers accept this e-wallet as a payment method. Their number has somewhat declined, but you can still find a number of online bookmaking sites which accept payments via INSTADEBIT.

Paying and withdrawing via INSTADEBIT on online bookmaking sites

The payment of the deposit amount via INSTADEBIT is similar to the process via other e-wallet systems. After your account has been verified, you can easily and quickly make your deposit payment. The first thing you must do is choose INSTADEBIT as the payment option. The deposit will instantly land in your account on the online bookie site.

When you withdraw, you must first implement the withdrawal into the INSTADEBIT account, and then withdraw it from there into your bank account. The processing of withdrawals is usually prompt, but still it depends on the specific bank.

The security you are guaranteed with INSTADEBIT payments

You will be guaranteed high security for your private data on this e-wallet system. The encryption used, 128 bit encryption which is the advanced level encryption nowadays will not expose your data to any risk. The security measures comprise firewalls and continuous, round the clock monitoring.

The security of your payments with INSTADEBIT is also enhanced by the fact that the e-wallet is the middleman between you and the merchant you are purchasing from, or between you and the online bookmaker with whom you are depositing. You will not be asked to enter the details of your bank card, credit or debit one, during the payment. That is why you will not reveal any sensitive data to the merchant or the online bookmaker, and so your data will not be in danger of being