Maestro cards – convenient and highly secure

maestroMaestro is one of the most frequent methods of online payments and is widely accepted by bookmakers for depositing. This brand offering debit cards has high proven security and enjoys millions of customers who use Maestro cards. With Maestro cards, you can be certain of the protection of your money, by means of cutting edge security technology. For online payments, many banks rely on the SecureCode to enhance the protection of transactions.

Maestro card advantages

With your Maestro debit card, when depositing you will be certain not to spend more than the amount you have in your bank account. Depositing is implemented instantly. You can, too, use your Maestro card to withdraw your wins to your bank account.

Maestro debit cards are extensively popular, and your debit card will most likely have been issued by that brand. So you can be sure that online bookmakers will accept it for online transactions on their sites.

Making your first deposit

Before you use your Maestro to deposit on a bookmaking site, you need to set up your account, by following the instructions. Then you can make your first deposit. To make the payment, you need to enter your card details. These include your card number, the expiry date, the name and surname printed on the card, and the security number on the reverse side which is a three digit one. Then you should enter the amount you wish to deposit. Now, when you click on Enter, the online transaction shall start. The bookmaker will check the availability of money with your bank, and the transfer of the amount will be implemented.

Security of transactions

The transferring of your payments to your account on the bookmaker site is safe, because there are modern safeguarding methods used by bookmakers. The SSL mode provided on the site while you are entering your card data ensures high level of encryption. Thus the data entered will only be readable by the computers linked to the site you are sending the data to. So no one else except your bookmaker will be able to process the information. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. With this encryption, the data passed remain integral and private. The SSL encryption is used on millions of websites to protect online transactions.

Requirements for online bookmakers are highly stringent when the security of online payments is involved. Bookmaker sites encrypt on the details they store on their computers, including details on debit and credit cards. Only some of the details of the Maestro card can be visible – for example not the whole number on the card, but only the last four digits.


lockedThe SecureCode will soar the security of the online transactions you make. That is a code that will be known only to you as the card owner, and known furthermore to your bank only. With this code, your payments online will be protected from use by unauthorized persons. You must check if your card issuer offers the SecureCode service. Then you will register your card, and will set up a special password. With some issuers, you may be supplied with a list of passwords, each of which will be used once only. Then, when you start making an online payment, such as transferring a deposit into your account with an online bookie, and enter your Maestro account number, you will see a secure window into which you must type your SecureCode. The bank will identify you via the code, and the online transaction will be completed.

How much you will be charged for using your Maestro card

Depositing into your account on the bookmaking site will not be charged. But some bookies may charge withdrawals made by punters to their debit cards, so you may be charged 1% to 3% of the amount withdrawn. To be informed about all the details regarding charges on withdrawals, you should look up what they list in the Withdrawals subsection of the Payment Methods section.

Many online bookies do not charge Maestro card customers for withdrawing amounts won. Moreover, you will see that even on bookmaking sites charging debit or credit card holders some fees when they withdraw, Maestro is one of the cheapest methods regarding the charges on withdrawals.

Maestro cards in the UK

In the UK, the Maestro brand has replaced the Switch brand of debit cards. Gradually, banks discontinued the use of the brand and switched to Visa or MasterCard. For example,HSBC switched to Visa Debit in 2009, and National Australia Bank switched to Debit MasterCard. Again in 2009, the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is Europe's largest issuer of debit cards, switched to Visa Debit, and in 2015, the Bank of Ireland UK switched to Visa Debit too.

Maestro cards in Ireland

In Ireland, the Laser brand was co-branded with the Maestro one, and the chips on the cards had two applications, one for Laser, processed in payments in Ireland, and the other for Maestro, processed in payments abroad. The brand has also been replaced by Debit MasterCard or Visa debit, like in the UK.

Maestro cards in other countries

Maestro cards are used in other European countries, for instance, in Austria, Germany, Belgium. In Germany, they are co-branded with Girocard, a German brand, and they cannot be used on the Internet. As for Denmark, there Maestro has been replaced with Debit MasterCard. Cards of the Maestro brand are issued in Romania, in Italy, in the Netherlands as well. In Russia, Maestro Momentum is the sole debit card that is issued, but it cannot be used on the Internet for payments. In the Netherlands, Maestro is the predominant debit card issued. In Greece, starting from 2015, Maestro cards were replaced by contactless Debit MasterCard ones.

In Australia, Maestro cards are issued by all banks. In Latin America, the Maestro brand is popular under the name of MasterCard Maestro, because it is not so widely spread as in European countries.

In the US, Maestro used the Cirrus network of MasterCard, and participates in the SecureCode use of MasterCard.