neteller pay card symbolOne of the perennial favourites among e-wallet services is NETELLER, which is operated by the Paysafe Group Plc company. You can use this service for online payments, and it is convenient and widely accepted on online gambling sites, too. Plus, you can withdraw amounts from your NETELLER account directly yo your bank account, by using the card called Net+.

Interestingly, NETELLER was established in Canada, but has been operating from the United Kingdom after it moved there in 2004. The service has been used for payments on online bookie sites since 2005, and is featured on all prominent online bookmakers as a payment option. So the method is in great demand with punters from the UK and from the whole of Europe.

The conveniences of using NETELLER

The e-wallet payment method is a proven convenience in our modern life, so zillions of people know the conveniences you will get with NETELLER when you choose it for payments. You can connect your bank account and make different online payments via your NETELLER account.

As for online gambling, you can keep your bank and personal details secret, you will not have to enter them when you must deposit on a bookie site. You will just use your NETELLER login data.

If your bank is not supported by online bookies, connect your bank account to NETELLER as you register on this system, and you will solve the problem simply and smoothly.

Not least of all, for punters living in areas where online gambling is not allowed, you can make your deposit payments via this service, and enjoy gambling, and win and get these wins into your NETELLER account.

NETELLER: a household name on online bookie sites, so open your account now

NETELLER is widely accepted on online bookmaking sites. This is a great reason for you to register on this online payment service. Create your account by following the instructions. Then you must connect that account with a method of payment to feed the funds into NETELLER.

Funding your account on NETELLER

You can connect a debit card or a credit card, like Visa, Maestro, MasterCard. Now you are ready to make deposits via your new e-wallet method, and also withdraw your wins to it.

You can also fund your account via wire transfers or online cheques, or use Internet banking, if you have activated this option for your bank account.

There are also a large number of depositing options which you can see on the NETELLER site.

The Net+ card: plastic or virtual

credit card netNETELLER offers prepaid cards to enable you to have more ways of using your amounts in your e-wallet for shopping and paying. These cards are plastic or virtual.

The plastic card is a prepaid MasterCard, and you do not have to pay fees for using it, and there are no fees for leaving it dormant, either. It is secure, with a chip and PIN technology. It is offered in 8 currencies. You will also earn points for using this card. Get a Net+ card, to use the funds you win in online gambling for shopping, then with the reward points earned you can get additional perks, cash or merchandise.

Virtual prepaid cards are also MasterCard ones. You can use them online, where MasterCard is accepted by merchants and companies. There are 8 currencies to choose from for your virtual Net+ card. There will be no fees for using it, or for leaving it dormant. You can get up to 5 of these virtual cards issued for you. For your convenience, each of them will have a different name, and they can be issued in different currencies too.

The perks for NETELLER VIP customers

As a prime online payment system, NETELLER has its VIP program. By becoming a VIP member, you will get a wide range of perks, fraud guarantee, plus reward points.

Limitations preventing users from certain countries from using NETELLER

There are limitations owing to which the company cannot process payment from the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, malaysia, Afghanistan. If you are based in one of these countries, this method will not be available to you.

What fees you will pay when using NETELLER

The predominant part of the depositing fees are covered by NETELLER, as it is a large company. The depositing, withdrawing, and the very opening of your account are complimentary.

But there are some peculiarities with respect to different cards used for funding, so you should check before choosing which card to connect to your NETELLER account. The fees for depositing can be none or up to 2% of your first deposit. For using MasterCard and Visa for funding, the fees are about 1.75%. For UK based customers, Maestro debit card funding is done without fees. Another way of avoiding fees is if you deposit via local banks and international banks. But then you must keep in mind the fees which the banks will charge you.

When you withdraw via cheque or via bank transfer, the fee will be €7.5. For using the NETELLER debit chard, the fee will be €4.

The transferring of amounts between NETELLER accounts is not charged any fees. This is very convenient, because more and more people use the service, so you can have quite a few acquaintances using it.

The online security of NETELLER payments

monitorAs a large and comprehensively used method, NETELLER takes great care to offer the utmost security for online payments made by it, at all times. The high security is achieved in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard. The company cooperates with Verified by Visa and with Securecode which is the security service for MasterCard. When you make payments using a Visa or a MasterCard card, NETELLER will require you to type in a password that you have set up with your card processor, so that no fraudsters could use this way of paying. All the transactions processed via this service are indemnified 100%.

Furthermore, the NETELLER site is Norton secured, with prime virus and malware software servicing 24/7.