paysafecard logoThis is a prepaid card which facilitates online payments. The headquarters is in Austria, and in the UK the method is under the regulation of the Financial Services Authority. The company is allowed to offer the service in European countries.

PaySafeCard outlets

There are outlets for selling PaySafeCards in many places in the world, so you can buy one to use it in online gambling. You can do that by actually choosing the amount, and buying a PIN.

You must remember you must only buy PINs for cash, in brick and mortar outlets. If a site claims it is a PaySafeCard online outlet, that is not true, and you should not trust it.

Opening an account

But first you need to open your account with PaySafe. The signing up is free, and you can top up the account with the PINs bought. You can buy up to 10 PINs at a time. The PaySafeCard outlets are over 50,000 in the world. You must go to an outlet and buy a PIN or PINs for cash.

Don't miss the promotions extended by the service

There is a special Promotions section on the service site, so check it regularly to grab promotions and win. There are PIN offers as prizes via competitions organised and extended on the site. You can avail yourself of the giveaways organised by the issuing company. For example, you can be offered to play memory games competitions, and then you will get prizes in PaySafe PINs.

Limits for topping up your account

Remember that there are limits to topping up, according to the level you are on, so you should check what your account status is. You can do that in the menu, by selecting “My Status”.

The first level is PaySafeCard, with a limit of £250.

The next one is My PaySafeCard Standard, with a maximum amount per payment allowed €1,000. For it, the maximum balance and the topping up limit for a year are each £2,000. The spending limit is again £2,000.

The third level is My PaySafeCard Unlimited. For it, the maximum amount allowed per payment is €1,000. The maximum balance allowed is £4,000. But on this level, there is no annual topping up limit, and no limit for annual spending.

Contacting the PaySafeCard service

If you have queries, and you cannot find the answers to them in the FAQ section on the company site, you can contact the service team, via the special form on the site, or via email.

Paying on online bookmaker sites

For depositing on online bookie sites, you will just enter the PIN code, which means your bank account and personal information will not be disclosed.

Furthermore, you can only spend the amount on the PaySafeCards, so there is no risk of overspending.

A host of online bookmakers accept PaySafeCard payments, without imposing fees.

Refunding from your PaySafeCard balance

The refunding can take up to 11 working days. After the processing of your request to have an amount refunded, you will get a notification of that via email.

How and when you should lock your PIN

If you suspect you have become the victim of fraud, you can and should lock your PIN, to protect your remaining balance. Remember you will not be able to use the locked PIN any more. But you can have the existing balance in your PaySafeCard account refunded to you.

You can lock your PIN from the company site, by entering the 16 digit code and your email address.

Security of paying via PaySafeCard

The essential tips for achieving security with this payment methods are available on the company site. You must only enter the PIN in an authorised online site, and you must never disclose the PIN, or send it to someone via email. You must remember that government authorities and institutions are not such authorised sites, and you should not use the PaySafeCard PIN to pay taxes or fines on their sites.

If the online site asks you for more information than your PIN number, you should not enter that information. You should stop the payment process immediately, it is highly likely the site is a scam.

If you notice that any suspicious activity has taken place in your account, you should call the company at once, and ask them to disable your account, until the reason is established.

If you have any doubts regarding any details, to ensure the security of your money, you should contact the service team of PaySafeCard.

If by accident anyone learns the PIN, you will be sure that your bank account details, or your identity, will not be endangered. That is more secure compared to e-wallets, where you enter your credit or debit card details to top up your e-wallet account.

The fees related to using PaySafeCard

When you open your account, you will have free service for the first 12 months. On expiry of that period, the monthly fee for your account will be £3.

There will be a fee of £2 if you have not made any transactions in the last 12 months. That is maintenance fee; it will be deducted from your balance.

There is a fee for refunding, too, which is £6. It is deducted from the amount refunded.

If your payments on online bookie sites involve currency conversion, you will be charged a corresponding fee. You can check what the exchange rate is using the PaySafeCard currency converter.

Use the PaySafeCard app for iPhone and Android devices

By using this dedicated app, you can easily find outlets selling PINs for PaySafeCard.

You can also use the app to check your account with the service on your mobile device. You can check the balance, the transactions you have carried out, or you can enter a newly bought PIN to top up your account.

Use a smartwatch to find the nearest PaySafeCard outlet

If you use a smartwatch, an Apple Watch or a Google Wear, you can also find the nearest PIN selling outlet on this device.