The sport of darts

Darts is a sport with a unique appeal, challenging players to throw missiles so as to hit the dartboard and score points with hits. It is not only a traditional game in a host of countries, in pubs, like in Britain and Ireland, in Germany and the Netherlands, plus the Scandinavian and more countries. It is also a professional sport with world renowned championships which provide online bettors with a raft of opportunities for online betting. William Hill is the sponsor of one of the prime championships, and it is worth availing yourself of the betting odds and make your bets on darts on this online bookmaker.

The breaking of the World Darts Council from the British Darts Organisation

Initially, the championship in darts started in 1994, under the name World Darts Championship. Later, when the World Darts Council broke away from the British Darts Organisation, the name of the championship was changed to PDC Championship.

Now players have the freedom to choose between the world championships. But they do not have the right to play in both of them in the same year. There are eligibility criteria for entering the championships.

The PDC World Championship in darts

The organiser of the tournament is the Professional Darts Corporation, or PDC. It kicks off in December, and continues in January, so it overlaps with the other prime championship in darts, the BDO Championship. The PDC tournament is sponsored by William Hill.

The venue and the trophy for the PDC Championship

Since 2008, the venue has been Alexandra Palace, in London, Britain. That venue in north London is not just a building steeped in history and entertainment. It has been the ground for the PDC World Championship in darts, starting from 2008, and also the venue for the Masters, the snooker tournament which has been held there since 2012.

The sponsor is the bookmaker William Hill, and the trophy is named Sid Waddell, a renowned commentator of the sport who died in 2012.

The 2018 PDC Championship

The 2018 event is scheduled for the period from 14 !!! December 2017 to 1 January 2018.

The format of the PDC Championship for

The tournament is played in sets. There are 72 players in the field: 16 in the preliminary round, and the remaining 56 go straight to the first round.

There has been a change in the qualifying criteria for the 2018 PDC Championship. The top 4 non qualified European players from the Pro Tour Order of Merits will now go to invites which will be bestowed at the discretion of PDC.

Here is the selection of players to participate in the tournament:

  • the top 32 players in the PDC Main Order of Merit
  • the top 16 players in the Pro Tour Order of Merit
  • 24 invites from qualifiers of international scale, and a PDPA qualifier

The current PDC champion and the holder of the most titles

The current champion is Michael van Gerwen. The holder of 14 wins, out of 24 appearances is Phil Taylor.

The broadcaster for the United Kingdom

The live broadcasting of the whole tournament in the United Kingdom has been implemented by Sky Sports. The showing in HD has been implemented since 2009.

The webcasting of the PDC Championship

To watch the tournament on the web, go to There, highlights, and, too, classic matches are available for viewing, but there is a subscription for viewing.

The BDO World Championship in darts

This tournament of world importance for darts players and fans is organised by the British Darts Organisation. It has been organised since 1978. Until 1993 it was one of the two prime tournaments in the sport. As mentioned above, in 1994 there was a group that broke away from the BDO and formed the World Darts Council, later renamed to its current name, the Professional Darts Corporation. The PDO started its annual PDC World Championshop.

The venue for the BDO Championship

Since 1986, the tournament has been held in the Lakeside Leisure Complex, in Frimley Green, west Surrey, England. The Leisure Club, a membership club, has sponsored it each year.

The largest place in the venue is the Main Cabaret Suite, where darts events are played. Besides, there are two smaller suites. The facilities comprise capabilities for snooker, pool, bowling, and squash, as well as hotels, restaurants, and a nightclub.

The 2018 BDO Championship

As tradition has it, the 2018 event will take place in January, as the 41st edition of the tournament. The defending champion is Glen Durrant. The period of playing will be from 6 to 14 January.

The format of the BDO Championship

The format of the tournament is in sets.

The television coverage of the BDO Championship

After having broadcast the tournament for 40 years, BBC Sport discontinued the coverage. Since 2016, the broadcasting rights were passed on to Channel 4.

The international coverage has been implemented by SBS6, a Dutch TV station, since 1998. Dutch darts players have become increasingly successful in world tournaments in this sport.

Online betting for the PDC and BDO World Darts Championships

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The defending champions are clearly among the favourites. Follow the offers of odds on online bookies, and see how these odds develop. Then, when you choose the timing for the placing of your bet, you can also select a free bet, out of the many offers by online bookies.

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