The Rugby Union World Cup tournament

This tournament is held quadrennially, with the participation of 20 teams. The tournament which marked the beginning occurred in 1987.

The most successful teams have been, in the first place, the New Zealand team, with 3 titles won: in 1987, 2011, and 2015, then Australia and South Africa, each with 2 titles won: Australia won the tournament in 1991 and 1999, and South Africa in 1995 and 2007. The champion in the last tournament, held in 2015, New Zealand, triumphed over Australia to grab the title after the final match. England won the Web Ellis Cup, the prize for the winner in the 2013 tournament.

The 2019 tournament in Japan

The forthcoming 2019 tournament is to be held in Japan, starting on 20 September and continuing until 2 November. That will be the first tournament of the Rugby Union World Cup to be held in Asia. It is to comprise four mini leagues. In each league, there will be five teams.

The venues for the tournament

In Chofu, Tokyo: the Ajinomoto Stadium, 49,970 seats

In Yokohama: the International Stadium Yokohama, 72,327 seats

In Fukuroi: the Shizuoka Stadium, 50,889 seats

In Higashiosaka: the Hanazono Rugby Stadium, 30,000 seats

In Fukuoka: the Level-5 Stadium, 22,563 seats

In Toyota: the Toyota Stadium, 45,000 seats

In Oita: the Oita Bank Dome, 40,000 seats

In Sapporo: Sapporo Dome, 41,410 seats

In Kumamoto: Umakana Yokana Stadium, 32,000 seats

In Kobe: Noevir Stadium Kobe, 30,312 seats

In Kumagaya: Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, 24,000 seats

In Kamaishi: Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, 16,187 seats

The Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo will host the inauguration and the first match in the tournament. The International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama will host the final match.

The qualifying for the 2019 tournament

Fifteen teams, comprised of the top three pools in the 2015 World Cup have automatically qualified for the 2019 tournament. Japan as the host has also qualified. The remaining eight places will be filled by the successful participants in the regional and cross regional events.

The draw for the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup

The draw was implemented on 10 May 2017. Using the World Rugby rankings as basis on the day when the draw was made, the following bands constitute the seeding system:

Band 1 comprises the 4 teams of highest ranks.

In Band 2, the next four highest ranking teams are comprised.

Band 3 contains the remaining directly qualified teams.

In Bands 4 and 5, the qualifying teams are included as follows:

In Band 4: for Oceania – 1, for the Americas – 1, for Europe – 1, and for Africa – 1

In Band 5: Oceania – 2, the Americas – 2, the playoff winner, and the repechage winner

Altogether, the qualified and the qualifying teams are 20.

The pool round, or the first round

In the pool round, the teams are to be divided into 4 pools, as follows: Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, and Pool D. In each of the pools, 10 games will be played; each of the teams in the pool will play one match with each of the other teams in that pool.

The points awarded will be 4 for a win, 2 for a draw, and 0 for a defeat. Furthermore, there will be a bonus point for a team which scores 4 tries in one match, and one bonus point for a team which loses by fewer than 8 points. If a team gets both 4 tries in one match, and loses by fewer than 8 points, that team will be awarded two bonus points.

Here is the summary of the teams that are to play in the pools:

  • Pool A: Ireland, Scotland, Japan, the Europe team, and the playoff winner
  • Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, the Africa team, and the repechage winner
  • Pool C: England, France, Argentina, the United States, and Tonga
  • Pool D: Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, and the 2 Americas team

The quarter finals

In the quarter finals:

  • the winner in Pool A will play with the team which becomes the Pool B runner up
  • the winner in Pool D will play with  the team which becomes the Pool C rnner up
  • the winner in Pool B will play with  the team which becomes the Pool A runner up
  • the winner in Pool C will play with the  the team which becomes the Pool D runner up

The semi finals

In the semi finals, the winners in the first two matches will play against each other, and the winners in the third and the fourth match of the quarter finals will play against each other.

The finals

The finals will comprise the match between the winners in the semi finals, and the match between the runner ups. As mentioned above, the match to decide the champion of the tournament will take place on the International Stadium Yokohama.

The new logo of the Rugby World Cup tournament

Symbolising unity, the new logo of the tournament will show off the rising sun, as well as Mount Fiji, together with the World Rugby logo.

Online betting on the Rugby Union World Cup 2019

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New Zealand are hailed as the reigning champions. On the other hand, Japan, the host country, has not had a glittering record in this sport. But in the last tournament, held in 2015, they triumphed over South Africa. Each team has its strength, so there is plenty of time to get acquainted with them and make the most auspicious bets.

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Outright betting on the Rugby Union World Cup matches

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