The Super Bowl

This is the annual tournament of the National Football League, the professional American league which is among the four major, highly prominent sporting leagues of North America.

The Super Bowl game originated by dint of a merger agreement. It was concluded between the NFL and the American Football League (AFL), which was the rival of the NFL at the time. The rivalry between the leagues was to be resolved in a championship until the official conclusion of the merger, scheduled for 1970. After the merger, each of the leagues was termed “conference”, and the conference champions played to elicit the final champion.

The records for the Super Bowl

The leader so far has been the National Football Conference, with 26 wins. It is followed by the 25 wins of the American Football Conference.

The Pittsburg Steelers team is the holder of the highest championship titles number: 6. That is a team based in Pittsburg, in the Pennsylvania state, and it is also known as the oldest AFC franchise.

The holder of the title of the Super Bowl team with the highest number of appearances is the New England Patriots: it boasts 9 appearances. The New England Patriots is based in Greater Boston, and competes in the NFL as belonging with the east division of the AFC.

The format for the season of the NFL

The preseason is comprised of four weeks.

The season for the NFL kicks off from the week following Labour Day in the USA, and extends until the week following Christmas. The season comprises 17 weeks, and each of the participating teams plays 16 games.

After the regular season ends, there are playoffs with the participation of 12 teams.

The next stage after these playoffs of single elimination type, the Super Bowl starts. The timing for this competition is the first Sunday of February. The games are identified by means of Roman numerals. The Super Bowl LII is to kick off on 4 February 2018, after the regular season of 2017.

The 2017 season for the NFL is to be the 98th season of the league. Starting on 7 September 2017, it will feature the defending champion in the Super Bowl LI.

The importance of Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl LII is to be the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl. It is important as the decisive event for the determination of the champion of the National Football League for the season of 2017.

The venue for Super Bowl LII

The venue is the US Bank Stadium, located in Minneapolis, in Minnesota in the US. It is a stadium with a fixed roof which was inaugurated in 2016. The venue is the first fixed roof stadium which has been built for the NFL since 2002. It is also eminent as the home of the Minnesota Vikings team of the NFL.

Now the US Bank Stadium is expecting the date 4 February 2018, when the Super Bowl LII will be played on it. Afterwards, it is to serve as the venue for other grand sporting events, like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)'s Final Four in 2019, then the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship in 2020.

The stadium has a capacity for 66,665 seats. The expandability can reach 70,000 seats. For the Super Bowl event, that capacity will be expanded to 73,000 seats.

The surface of the stadium is UBU Speed turf, synthetic turf which is specially suited for football games purposes.

The title of world champion for the winner of the Super Bowl

Though it is confusing, the winner in the Super Bowl is decorated with the title of world champion. The title is based on the fact that the league is the sole professional league of that kind.

The designation of the home team

The title of home team is alternately taken by the NFC team (in games of odd numbers) and by the AFC team (in games of even numbers). That has been a tradition since the first Super Bowl event.

There is a bit of statistics related to that which can help you in online betting on this event. The teams that have been designated as away teams have won 30 times out of the 51 Super Bowl events played so far.

Online betting on the Super Bowl LII

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Mobile apps you can use when betting on Super Bowl LII

You can also use the special mobile apps to help you take the best decisions thanks to the information they will offer you. You can find the concise information on the apps which you can use on the NFL site. There are apps for the Super Bowl LI, on the Windows Store, the App Store, and Google Play.

There is an app for Android: Countdown to Super Bowl LII 2018, which will be really useful to keep track of the time.

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