The Aintree Grand National

The Grand National is an annual horse race taking place at the Aintree racecourse which is near Liverpool in England. The 2018 event will be held from 5 to 7 April.

The type of the race

It is a handicap steeplechase, part of the National Hunt races.

The Aintree racecourse

The National Course in Aintree on which the Grand National takes place has two laps of 16 fences. The first 14 of these fences are jumped twice; during the first lap, all the 16 fences are jumped, but during the second lap, two fences: The Chair and the Water Jump, are avoided. The fences on the Aintree course are much larger compared to the fences located on the conventional tracks of the National Hunt.

The distance to be run is over 4 miles and 514 yards, in two laps, in the course of which horses jump altogether 30 fences. The distance is the longest of the National Hunt races.

For the 2013 renewal of the fences, there were some redesigns. Fences 3 and 11, which are open ditches, were provided with natural birch cores. Fences 13 and 14, which are the last two fences in the second lap of the Grand National, were provided with plastic birch which replaced the hitherto rigid timber.

The Aintree racecourse: the contributor for the unique nature of the Grand National race

Because there are races only several times annually at the Aintree course, that means that the horses usually have little experience in jumping the fences at this course. That is why the race becomes unique, the challenge is huge for both the horses and the jockeys.

Broadcasting of the Grand National

The race is broadcast live on TV. From 1960 until 2012 it was broadcast by the BBC, then from 2013 to 2016 by Channel 4, and since 2017 the broadcasting rights have belonged to ITV.

Grand National is also broadcast on radio, on BBC Radio until 2013, then since 2014 it has been broadcast by Talksport.

The Grand National schedule

In the three days of the event, from 5th to 7th April 2018, the schedule comprises 21 races run on:

  • the Grand Opening Day
  • the Ladies Day
  • the Grand National Day

Horses achievements at the Grand National

There are a host of examples of remarkable and unexpected achievements by horses in the Grand National. Let us review some of them.

  • Red Rum: the triple winner of the Grand National

Over 40 years ago, Red Rum was the horse which won the Grand National for the first time, which was followed by two other victories. That is a record for the race, and Red Rum is still the only horse which has won the race three times. Is the 2018 event going to surprise us with another such phenomenon?

  • Manifesto: the holder of the record for most times run in the Grand National

Manifesto was the horse which competed in eight races altogether, in the period from 1895 and 1904. In these races, it emerged as the winner in two, and came third in three races.

  • Experience matters, so older horses stand high chances

Please note that out of the last 22 winners, 18 horses were aged 9 to 11. It means that experience matters greatly, so when placing your bet, take that into account.

The obstacles at the Aintree course

There are a plethora of stories you will have heard about the obstacles at the Aintree course. It is true that quite long ago, just two of the horses completed the race: that happened in 1928. The finishers were called Tipperary Tim and Billy Barton. The latter remounted.

Another race which saw very few finishing horses, though they were not two, but four, was the race in 2001. At that race, two of the four finishing horses had to be remounted.

Online betting on Aintree Grand National

In addition to the throng of racegoers which are expected to exceed 150,000, there are going to be many more TV viewers and online bettors, in excess of 600 million.

The odds comparison for the Aintree Grand National 2018

The odds comparison chart will help you to place your bet. It is vastly popular and aids one of the most popular bets this year. You will find a very competitive ante post market, and in the period leading up to the event, there will bemarket movers you should follow, to help you place the best bet.

Free bets

Free bets for the Aintree Grand National are welcome for novices who open their accounts with online bookies. These bets are great for you, if you are starting to bet on horse racing and on the Grand National. You will find different offers with different online bookies, so you must check and compare the offers to make the best choice. You should not limit yourself with opening one account only. It is better to open several accounts with different bookies, to take advantage of several free bet offers for new customers.

In the period leading to the Grand National, online bookies will offer a palette of enticing odds, and these odds will vary. As the runners for the event become known, the free bet offers will abound, so you should follow the offers and the variations. Take advantage of the latest odds for the Grand National and make your bet.

Handicaps at the Grand National

The allotment of weight for each horse, which equalises the chances of the horses participating in the event, is called handicapping. Horses which are better carry the highest weight, and vice versa.

Each way betting on the Grand National

This is the most popular bet on the event. It is actually two bets combined in one, one win bet, and one bet on place. You must study the place bet terms, because usually the terms are 1/4 odds 1 to 4, and if your selection finishes among the first four places, your place bet will win. But some online bookies, like Bet365, often offer places including the first five places. And in the Grand National last year, BetVictor offered place bets on the first six places. Please follow the place terms for the Grand National, and you will not miss great offers.

You can grab palatable wins via bets on the Grand National

In the past decade, the average price for the winner in the Grand National event is over 30/1, so that is a sufficient incentive to bet and pave the way for hefty wins.