The Ryder Cup – 28th -30th September 2018

The Ryder Cup competition

This golf competition is held biennially. It is a competition between European and US teams. The venues for the event are alternated, between courses in Europe and courses in the US. The event is named after the donor of the trophy, an English businessman named Samuel Ryder.

The Ryder Cup is administered jointly by the US PGA and Ryder Cup Europe. The latter is a venture jointly comprised by the PGA European Tour, the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Europe PGA.

The Ryder Cup has been held since 1927, when it was organised in Massachusetts, US. In the beginning, the competitors were Great Britain and the US, but continental Europe was added in 1979. Since 1979 up to the present, Europe has been the outright winner 10 times, and the US has won 8 times. In addition, Europe has retained the cup once, after a tied match.

The players in the competition receive no prize money

That is a peculiarity distinguishing the Ryder Cup, as well as the Presidents Cup, a series of matches played between a US team and an international team comprised by players from the rest of the world, sans Europe, and also organised biennially. Nevertheless, the fame of the two events is indisputable, and they are in the limelight, with hefty sponsorship revenues and television coverage.

The current holder of the Ryder Cup

The US us the current holder of the cup, having won it in the 2016 edition, at the Hazeltine National Golf Club, located in Chaska, Minnesota.

The next venue for the 2018 Ryder Cup: the Albatros Course, in Paris, France

The 2018 edition of the Ryder Cup is to be played in France, in Paris, at the Albatros course located at the Golf National Club, in the period 28 to 30 September.

The other future venues selected for the next editions of the Ryder Club

The 2020 edition will take place on the Straits Course, in Whistling Straits, Haven, Wisconsin, in the US.

The 2022 edition is scheduled to be played in Rome, Italy, at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club, in Guidonia Montecelio.

The subsequent, 2024 edition, is again to be held in the US, in Farmingdale, New York, at the Black Course in Bethpage State Park.

About the Albatros Course in greater details

The course is an 18 hole one and was built in the span of 3 years, from 1987 until 1990. The first time it hosted a prime event was in 1991: that was the Open the France; the course continued to host that tournament each year, with the exception of two occasions. The capacity for audience is 80,000. The par of the course is 72, and it measures 7,331 yards.

In addition, there is a 71 par course, which measures 6,224 yards, and is named Aigle (meaning Eagle), and a short course named Oiselet (meaning Birdie), which is a 9 hole, 32 par one.

The total number of holes is 45.

Qualifications and selections for the Ryder Cup

There have been variations in the selection process, but lately the qualifications have been held on the basis of performances. The captain selects a small number of players for performances. That is a procedure used since 1989.

For the 2014 edition, there were 9 players in each team in the qualifying, and the remaining 3 players were chosen by the captain. There was a system dating to 2004 which was used by the Europeans for players who gained qualification automatically. Two tables were used: one used the prize money that was won in the official European Tour events; the second table used the world rankings points for anywhere in the world. The qualifying period used in both tables was comprised by 12 months. For the Americans, the qualifying system took as its basis the prize money which was earned in the official events of the PGA tour in the current season, and, too, the prize money from the previous season's major championships. The qualifying period extended until the end of the PGA Championship.

Then for the 2016 edition, a host of changes were implemented in the American system. The captain's choices became by one more – four, and the selections were made later, until less than a week prior to the Ryder Cup, that is, exactly on the heels of the end of the Tour Championship. The events for the qualifying now comprised the events in the 2015 World Championship in golf, and the Players Championship; furthermore, solely the actually played in 2016 events of the 2016 PGA Tour were considered, the events played in 2015 were left out. The qualifying period was extended: the reason was the 2016 Olympic Games, because of which the PGA Championship was moved to the end of July.

The preliminary events for the Ryder Cup

There has been a celebrity match played each edition, since 2012. In them, celebrities have been paired with former captains in the Ryder Cup. In the 2016 edition, only celebrities took part in the celebrity match.

The format of the Ryder Cup

The matches are played between players chosen from two teams comprised of 12 players.

The period extends from a Friday to a Sunday. The total number of matches is 29, all of them over 18 holes.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Friday: four fourballs and four foursomes, or four foursomes and four fourballs, in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Saturday: four fourballs and four foursomes, or four foursomes and four fourballs, in the morning and in the afternoon.

For Friday and Sunday, there is no requirement for all the players to play. The captain can choose any 8 players for the morning and the afternoon sessions on these two days.

  • Sunday: 12 single matches, in which all team members participate.

The awarding of points

The winner in each match scores a point for the team.

For any match tied after the 18 holes, half a point is awarded.

The winner is determined based on the cumulative points.

If a tie occurs, the Cup goes to the team that held it prior to the competition.

What is a foursome match, a fourball match and a singles match

The foursome is a match between two teams comprised of two players each. One of the players on the team tees off on odd numbered holes, and the other player tees off on the even numbered ones. The team completing the hole with the fewest shots wins.

In a fourball match, the team are also comprised of two players each, but there is a difference from a foursome match: all the four players play their own ball, they do not alternate shots. The team gains a score on the basis of the score of the better player in it, and the score of the player that scored lower does not count. For each hole, the win is achieved by the team whose golfer has the lowest score.

In a singles match, two golfers compete in standard play.

Television coverage of the Ryder Cup

Sky Sports covers the competition live, and the BBS televises edited highlights.

Online betting on the Ryder Cup

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