The 2018 US Open

The 2018 US Open will take place in the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. The venue has been chosen by the US Golf Association. The period of the 2018 US Open will be from 14 to 17 June.

The Shinnecock Hills – the sole venue which has hosted the tournament in three centuries!

The club is a links style one, located in Southampton, on Long Island, New York. That is a term used about coastal courses. Links is the oldest style for a golf course. “Links” is a word originating from Old English and meaning “ridge”. Hence,  links is an area of dunes by the coast which has an undulating surface. The sandy soil together with the typical vegetation forms the firm turf suitable for link courses.

The area is 259 acres. Let us also point out that Shinnecock Hills belongs with the Register of Historic Places in the US, and was added there in the year 2000.

The club has been the venue for the US Open four times. The first time was in 1896. Then in the 20th century it hosted the tournament two times, in 1986 and in 1995. The next tournament was held at the club in 2004, already in the 21st century. Now golf players and aficionados are looking forward to the 2018 edition to be held there, and there is one more edition to look forward to after it, the 2026 US Open which will also be held at Shinnecock Hill. So the course at Shinnecock Hill, which has been in use since 1891, and redesigned in 1931, is again to be the hosting venue for the eminent golf tournament.

The Shinnecock Hills boasts several firsts

The club is one of the clubs that founded the US Golf Association, and the first one to have a clubhouse. There are two more firsts: the course was the first 18 hole course to be built on the East Coast of the US, and the club was the first one to admit women; what is more, it started admitting women from the start of its operation.

Interesting facts about Shinnecock Hills

With a site steeped in history and such importance for the history of the country and the history and present of golf and golf tournaments, Shinnecock Hills is not only the forthcoming venue for the 2018 US Open, and afterwards for the 2026 US Open. There are more interesting facts which show its importance.

  • The name comes from the name of a local Native American tribe, Indians who were entailed in legal arguments with the state of New York regarding the reclaiming of land on Long Island.
  • As mentioned above, that was the first club to admit female members; the first woman who joined it was Janet Hoyt, who was the daughter of a Supreme Court Chief Justice. Thanks to her, a nine hole course for women was built.
  • Shinnecock was the site where the first professional black golfer played. His name was John Shippen Jr, who was just 16 at the time of the tournament.
  • Golf Digest has ranked Shinnecock the fourth greatest course worldwide. In the ranking, the changes that were implemented in preparation for the 2018 tournament were taken into account.
  • The club is renowned for its exclusivity. In order to play and get a green fee ticket, persons willing to play have to be accompanied by a member of the club.

Preparation for the 2018 tournament

For the 2018 tournament, in excess of 250,000 people are expected to throng at the venue, and around 18,000 vehicles are expected to park in the area, so preparations are under way to create the perfect environment for the players, and also for the spectators and aficionados of golf, and of the US Open in particular. The course does not have potable water lines, so there will be temporary plumbing installed for water supply to the facilities on the course. In addition to the organising staff,in excess of 5,000 volunteers are expected to join the preparations.

Attendees will be allowed to freely take photos and post them on social media

In addition to following the developments on online bookmaking sites, you can also follow the postings on social media, so as to keep abreast and make bets during the tournament. Spectators will be allowed to bring their mobile phones and use them to take photos and post them online.

Use the dedicated app to follow the leaderboards of the tournament

The dedicated app which is called US Open Golf Championship, will make it easy for you to follow the leaderboards during the tournament. The app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices. With it, you will be able to get comprehensive information on the basis of which to decide on your bets:

  • During the tournament, you will be able to follow the real time scoring, and the statistics on the players.
  • Another convenience is the live streaming on three channels, comprising featured groups, and also featured holes.
  • The news and updates, plus the on site map, will add to the fullest range of information possible you will need for online betting.

Online betting on the 2018 US Open

The betting in the period preceding the tournament is already ongoing, with odds and tips galore available on online bookmaking sites.

The US Open offers diversity, because it moves to a different location each year, and golfers and aficionados get experience on different courses and links.

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