The US Open

The US Open: one of the Grand Slam tournaments

The US Open is one of the four tournaments within the Grand Slam. In fact, it is the fourth and last tournament in it, after the Australian Open, then the French Open, and then the Wimbledon.

The tournament is held in August, starting on the last Monday of that month, and continues for two weeks, also in September. The 2017 event kicks off on 28 August and ends on 10 September.

The organiser is the United States Tennis Association.

The tiebreaker rule peculiarity in the US Open

This is the only tournament within the Grand Slam in which tiebreakers are used in each match set. In the other Grand Slam events.

In the other Grand Slam events, the rules are as follows. When a match goes to the last set possible (the number differs: that is the third set for women, and the fifth set for men), and the result is a 6-6 tie, then the match is played further until one of the players wins by 2 games. But when a set before the last set finishes at 6-6, there are always tiebreakers.

The events comprising the US Open

The tournament comprises five main championships:

  • men's singles
  • women's singles
  • men's doubles
  • women's doubles.

In addition, there are additional championships:

  • for senior players
  • for junior players
  • for wheelchair players.

The venue for the US Open

The tournament is played at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The Center is located in Queens, New York City. The total number of courts is 22, out of which there are four main ones, plus 13 field courts, and 5 courts for practice. The main courts, the so called show courts, are Arthur Ashe, Louis Armstrong, the Grandstand, and Court 17.

All the courts have illumination, so TV coverage of the tennis tournaments can be extended to go into the prime time. Furthermore, since 2005 all the courts have had blue colour inside the lines, which facilitates the tracing of the ball on TV, and that facilitates tracing it for fans who are spectators.

The Arthur Ashe Stadium

That is the main court, with a capacity of 23,771 seats, which bears the name of an American tennis player who won the final for men in the first US Open in 1968. It is famous as the largest stadium worldwide specifically used for tennis. The venue was fitted with a retractable roof in 2016.

The Louis Armstrong Stadium

That is the next largest venue at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and formerly it was the largest one. The venue bears the name of the famous musician Louis Armstrong who lived in the vicinity. Initially having 18,000 seats, it then had the number reduced to 10,200 seats, after the upper seats tiers were removed following the opening of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

There is construction under way of a new Louis Armstrong Stadium, which is due to open in time for the US Open in 2018. It will also be fitted with a retractable roof. But for the 2017 tournament, because the construction is ongoing, a temporary stadium having 8,800 seats will be built on Parking Lot B.

The Grandstand

That is the third largest court. When the Singer Bowl, which was rectangular in shape, was transformed to shape the square Armstrong Stadium, the remainder was used to create this venue. The transformation was implemented in 2916, in time for the 2016 US Open. The seating capacity of the Grandstand is 8,125 seats. Like Court 17, the Grandstand is sunken into the ground. Its design is asymmetrical, and there is a sun canopy roof.

Court 17

This venue was open in 2011. It has a capacity for 3,000 spectators. There are large TV screens and electronic line calling to allow player challenges.

The other name for Court 17 is The Pit, because it is sunken into the ground.

The courts surface

The courts surface is hard. Since 1978 it has been a material called pro decoturf. The surface determines some peculiarities of the tennis ball's behaviour. The surface of the US open courts is classified as medium fast. That means that its friction is a little lesser, and the ball bounces a bit lower than it would on a hard court with another type of surface. The surfacing of the courts where the US open matches are played is renewed each year, prior to the tournament.

When making your decisions on online bets, you should take the peculiarities of the courts surface into account as well.

The Hawk Eye computer system for instant replay

The Hawk Eye is a computer system which the US Open was the first to use out of the Grand Slam tournaments in 2006. It is used for the instant replay reviewing of calls. Three years after its introduction in the tournament, it was renamed and was called Chase Review. The system helps to track the ball trajectory and so it can provide a second opinion on what that trajectory was.

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