US PGA Championship – 9th to 12th August 2018

The PGA Championship

This golf tournament held in the USA by the Professional Golfers Association of the country as an annual event is one of the four major professional golf events. I fact, it is the final major tournament for the golf season. Taking place in August, on the third weekend of the month, the PGA Championship was recently rescheduled once, in 2016, to the late part of July, because of the need to accommodate golf as a sport which returned to the Olympics, after it was taken off the Olympic sports list in 1904. The 2016 Olympics were held in August, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 2017 PGA Championship

This is the 99th edition of the tournament, to be held in the period 10 to 13 August at the Quail Hollow Club located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Quail Hollow Club

The course at the club, which is a private one, is the venue for a raft of events, like the PGA Tour. Its length is 7,442 yards, with 72 par. The holes are 18.

The course rating is 77.2.

The privileges for the champions in the US PGA Championsip

The importance of the US PGA event is clear: the champions in this event automatically gain invitations for playing in the three other major golf events: the Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship. This advantage extends over the next five years.

Furthermore, champions in the US PGA gain a privilege extending for life: they are exempt from the qualifying for the PGA Championship.

One more privilege for champions in this event is the five years' membership for the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Yet another benefit comes as invitations for the Players Championship for the next five years. That championship is renowned for extending the highest prize fund for golf tournaments and for including the to 50 players according to the world rankings.

The venues for the PGA Championship

The event has been held at different venues, but recently it has been held on a small number of eminent courses which have also been the grounds for other prime events, like the US Open and the Ryder Cup.

The format of the PGA Championship

In the early stage of its history, the tournament had a stroke play qualifier. The finalists frequently played in excess of 200 holes in the course of 7 days. In 1958, the standard format of 72 holes was introduced, with 18 holes per day, during four days, from Thursday until Sunday.

In 1965, the tournament started to be held in August, to enable players in other events to play in this one too.

The qualifying for the PGA Championship

The tournament was set up for professional golfers in a period when they were not in the limelight in sports, because golf was predominantly run by affluent amateurs. That has had its impact on the entry system for the event. That is the sole major event which does not extend an explicit invitation to leading amateurs. Amateurs can get entry into it, by dint of winning in one of the other major golf tournaments, or by dint of winning a PGA Tour event as they are playing on a sponsor's exemption.

Furthermore, that is the sole tournament that has a large number of places reserved for club professionals: 20 out of 156. These are places reserved for the top finishers in the June club pro tournament.

Invariably, the top 100 players who are not qualified already are invited to the PGA Championship.

The criteria are comprised in a list valid since the year 2010, to which the following belong:

  • all the previous champions of the PGA
  • the winners in the five most recent US Open tournaments
  • the winners in the five most recent Masters tournaments
  • the winners in the five most recent Open Championships
  • the last champion in the Senior PGA
  • the low 15 scorers, and ties, in the recent PGA Championship
  • the 20 low scorers from the last professional national PGA championship
  • the 70 leaders in the PGA Tour in terms of official money standing, in the period comprising one week before the previous year's tournament until the two weeks preceding the current year's tournament
  • members of the Ryder Cup's teams, in the most recent US and European events, if they belong to the top 100 golf players in term of official world rankings in golf: the timing at which this criterion is applied in one week prior to the tournament's kickoff
  • winners in events approved by the PGA Tour or events of which the PGA Tour is a co-sponsor, since the last PGA Championship

Additional players invited

The US PGA has the right to invite also other players which do not belong to the above categories.

The total field of the PGA Championship

The total number is 156 players maximum. If vacancies occur, they are filled by players belonging to the list of alternates: players occupying places below the 70th place in terms of official money standing.

Online betting on the PGA Championship

There are odds and tips on offer by online bookmakers and golf experts, so before you start making bets, look for the odds and tips which will facilitate you. In addition, avail yourself of the free bet offers extended by online bookie.

In the run up to the tournament, experts remind that Jordan Spieth has won the Open Championship.  This makes him closer to a Grand Slam, with a victory in the forthcoming PGA Championship. Should that happen, Spieth will be the sixth golf player to achieve that. Statistics has shown that for the past 40 years, only 5 times the Open Championship winner has become the winner in the PGA Championship as well. Moreover, statistics has shown that Open winners have become second in the PGA only four times in the same 40 year span.

With such a small period between the two tournaments, the intensity of the play in the first one must be too demanding to enable participants to retain their tenacity in the latter. In fact, the success in both events has a recent history.

You can bet on the favourites, or on underdog, if you are advised some underdogs have started playing with strength.

Here is more statistics to help you in your online betting.

In the period since 1977, 11 times Open winners have finished among the first ten.

There have been 8 times in the past 40 years when the Open winners have not made the cut for the PGA Championship.

On the other hand, players who have emerged a little short at the Open Championship have performed on a great level at the PGA Championship.

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