This event is renowned as the oldest tournament dedicated to tennis, and it ranks as the most prestigious event. The venue it is played on is the All England Club located in Wimbledon, London.

This is one of the tennis tournaments comprising the Grand Slam; the other tournaments belonging to the Grand Slam are the Australian Open, the French Open, and the US Open. Of these four tournaments, that is the only one taking place on a grass terrain.

The Wimbledon Championship kicks off on the first Monday of July. During it, there are no sponsorship advertisements on the courts. The events comprised in it are five major ones, plus additional junior events and invitational events.

The All England Club

The full name for the venue is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Its patron is the Duchess of Cambridge. The president is the Duke of Kent.

That is a club for private members. The Wimbledon tennis championship is the highlight among the events held on its territory. But the tennis courts of the club are used by the members throughout the year.

The full members of the club are 375, and the temporary playing members are around 100. Plus, there are some honorary members, such as people who have distinguished themselves by rendering outstanding service to the game of tennis, and also past champions in the singles events of the Wimbledon Championship.

The tennis courts on the All England Club

The courts of the club are 18 grass courts for the Championships, plus eight American clay courts, five indoor courts, and two acrylic courts. In additions, for practising purposes, there are 22 more grass courts at Aorangi Park. The grass is cut to a length of 8 mm.

The largest court is the Centre Court. There, the finals for the main events in singles and doubles are played. With a capacity for seating 15,000 spectators, that is the fourth largest tennis venue on a world scale. Since 2009 it has had a retractable roof.

Court Number 1, with a capacity for 11,500 spectators, is occasionally the venue to matches in the Davis Cup. A retractable roof is planned to be fitted on it as well by 2019.

The Centre Court and Court Number 1 are the main courts, used only two weeks a year, for the Wimbledon Championship. The remainder of the main courts, 17 in number, are used as venues for other club events.

The Wimbledon Championship schedule

Starting on the first Monday of July, the championship lasts 14 days. The main events are played during both weeks. The junior events and the invitational ones are played predominantly in the second week.

The Middle Sunday is traditionally a day for rest, with no events played on it. There have been exceptions, because of rain.

The Wimbledon Championship events

As mentioned above, the events comprised in the championship are of three groups: main, junior, and invitational.

  • The main events

These events are five in number, and comprise singles and doubles.

The singles comprise Gentlemen's and Ladies Singles.

The Doubles comprise three events: Gentlemen's, Ladies, and Mixed Doubles.

  • The junior events

The junior events also comprise singles and doubles.

The singles comprise Boys' and Girls' Singles.

The doubles comprise Boys' and Girls' Doubles.

There are no mixed doubles.

  • The invitational events

The invitational events are also singles and doubles. They are seven in number.

The singles comprise the Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Wheelchair Singles.

The doubles comprise the Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Invitation Doubles, the Senior Gentlemen's Invitation doubles, the Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Wheelchair Doubles.

The nature and format of the tennis matches in the championship

The Wimbledon Championship matches are based on single elimination, with the exception of the Gentlemen's Doubles, the Senior Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Invitation Doubles. These events are of the round robin type, which is also called an all play all type. That means each of the players meets all of the other players in turn.

The format of the matches is best of five sets for the Gentlemen's Singles and the Gentlemen's Doubles, and best of three sets for the other events.

The tiebreak game

In the event that the secore becomes 6-6 in any set (with the exception of the fifth set in a match of five sets), or in the third set when the match is comprised of three sets, there is a tiebreak game.

One more game is played, so that the winner can be determined. The winner should have won at least seven points in the tiebreak game, and also has to have two more points than the opponent.

The seeding of the players

The admission to the main events of the championship is made with respect to the players'international rankings. The entries for the gentlemen's competitions are 104, and those for the ladies' competitions are 108.

For the Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Singles, the players are 128.

There are eight places for wild card entrants: players that have played outstandingly, or will attract wide interest during the championship. The remainder are determined by qualifiers.

Since 2001, the seedings for the Gentlemen's and the Ladies' Singles have been for 32 players, and in the Doubles 16 teams have been given seedings.

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