The World Snooker Championship: 2018: 21 April – 7 May

That is understandably the tournament that grabs the limelight for snooker aficionados and players around the world. It is the most prestigious event in this sport, and it yields the highest prize money amounts. It goes without saying that during this world championship fans and betting enthusiasts can avail themselves of the most unforgettable chances for online betting.

The tournament has been held since 1927, and has experienced a period of decline, but now it is thriving and attractive. Since 1977, the venue has been the Crucible Theatre, located in Sheffield, England. The length of the tournament period is 17 days. It ends on the first Monday in May.

The Women's World Snooker Championship

For aficionados of women's snooker games, there is the prime event for ladies: the Ladies World Snooker Championship. In 2017, it was held outside the United Kingdom for the first time: its venue was in Singapore. There was a brief period, in 2004, in which the tournament was suspended because of financial difficulties.

The holders of the most successive champion titles

Stephen Hendry has won the champion's title seven times, Steve Davis and Ray Reardon follow closely with six times each. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the holder of five titles, and Mark Selby has won the event's champion's title three times. Mark Selby is the defending champion in the 2018 edition.

The 2018 World Snooker Championship

The 2018 championship of a worldwide scale is scheduled for the period 21 April to 7 May.

The qualifiers for the World Snooker Championship are to be held in the period 11 April to 19 April, at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, located in Sheffield, England, like the main venue for the world championship, the Crucible Theatre.

The World Snooker Championship venue: the Crucible Theatre

The Crucible Theatre was opened in 1971. It is not just a venue for theatre performances, but also for sports events, like snooker, table tennis, squash; most prominently, it prides itself on being the venue for the prime professional snooker event.

The Crucible, as it is called for short, has been the venue for the tournament since 1977. It was there that the Ladis World Snooker Championship was held as well, in the period from 1998 until 2003, but then it was withdrawn on account of financial difficulties.

What is important about the Crucible is the seating; no member is more than a cricket wicket's length from the performer. That is a distance of 20 metres at the most. That distance enables all spectators to watch events from a very close distance.

According to plans, the Crucible is to continue to be the venue for the World Championship in snooker at least until 2027.

The Crucible curse

There is a peculiarity associated with the Crucible, the world tournament venue, which is also known under the name “The Crucible Curse”: first time world champions do not retain their titles the subsequent year. That string of one time first titles started since the Crucible became the venue for the world championship, that is, in 1977.

You should note that peculiarity, it can help you in online betting decisions.

The format of the World Snooker Championship

In terms of format, this is a ranking event. There are knockout stages, with 32 players participating. The end falls on the first Monday in May: that is a public holiday for the United Kingdom.

Out of the 32 players, 16 reach directly the final stages. For the other 16 players, there is a qualifying contest. The defending champion is among the players that are bestowed direct entry. As for the other players determined on the basis of rankings, the world rankings are applied to seed them. So the players ranking in the first 16 places are generally bestowed direct entry to the world championship.

There are two rounds played in the qualifying contest. In the first round, 19 frames are played in two sessions. In the second round, 25 frames are played in 3 sessions. The same applies to the quarterfinals: 25 frames in 3 sessions. For the semifinals and the final, there are 4 sessions: the semifinals are played in 33 frames, and the final in 35 frames.

In the first 12 days of the World Snooker Championship, there are two matched played concurrently on each day. Then, in the remaining 5 days, when the semifinals and the finals are played, there is one table only which is used.

A host of changes were implemented in the qualifying system before the 2015 event;

  • All the living world champions in snooker have the opportunity to participate in the qualifying rounds.
  • All the non seeded players have to start three qualifying rounds, unlike the previous rules according to which the players seeded in the places from the 17th to the 32nd one had to win just one qualifying match, and upon winning reached the final stages.
  • The overall number of participants in the championship is now 144 players; these comprise former world champions, and, too, players coming from emerging countries.

The sponsorship of the World Snooker Championship

The sponsorship of the prestigious tournament, since 2015, has been provided by the bookmaker Betfred. So it is also called the Betfred World Snooker Championship.

The television coverage of the World Snooker Championship

The television coverage is implemented by the BBC. The company is going to cover the World Snooker Championship until 2019 at least. It also covers other prime snooker events.

Online betting on the 2018 World Snooker Championship

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