iconIf you are just beginning your experience as an online gambler, you will surely benefit from our beginner's guide. You will be attracted by the prospects of getting thrills and winning, but to pave your way for smoother gaming, we have collected the most indispensable tips, which will tell you in brief the essentials of online gambling. You will also benefit from our tips on how you can keep away from addiction, how to control your gambling activity. The appeal of online gambling sites is powerful. It is in your powers to enjoy gambling and win, without becoming too addicted to this activity.

The security when you go gambling online

It is important for you to be reassured that your activities are secure. That will not leave room for worrying that you can become the target of attack on the safety of your gambling, mostly when you deposit and withdraw. We are here to inform you about some security hazards, so that you can avoid them. Generally, reputed online gambling sites are protected by high security measures, so your depositing and withdrawing will not be exposed to risks.

Use only trusted online gambling sites

Keep reading our articles, to find out which sites are trusted and reputable. They will offer you smooth gambling, free from risks. The largest and most established bookmakers will offer you security and other perks which are unrivalled. Among their advantages, you will find great and efficient customer servicing.

The betting glossary

There are betting terms that can confuse you, because you are just beginning your experience as a punter. Whenever you need to get an explanation of a term, please go to our betting glossary, and you will get a short explanation with the essentials. The glossary contains all the terms you need to know for online gambling.

Gambling licencing and UK gambling laws

There are several advantages about the UK gambling industry. Firstly, it is among the best regulated one, which is a welcome advantage for all punters. Furthermore, now UK bookmakers must obtain driving licences from the UK Gambling Commission. These licences provide online punters with a peace of mind about the safety and fairness of online gambling. Find out about the licencing of UK bookmakers, and also what the betting taxes in the UK are. When you are based in the UK, you must be informed about the taxes you are due to pay when betting online. You will also learn how you must declare your wins. We will also explain how you will need to declare wins if you gamble in other countries, etc.

Look at what the specific bookmaker offers

For each punter, there are specific features they offer to punters. Some will extend special in play services, others will offer mobile gambling, still others will have other gambling markets for entertainment, etc. You must look for what you are most interested in, to be sure you will be rewarded to the highest extent.

Look through the payment methods and the bonuses

Among the other essentials, you must look at the payment methods extended by the chosen bookmaker. There are advantages and disadvantages with each of the methods, so find out which will suit your choice. You will find payment methods which will not need you to disclose your credit card details. That is especially auspicious when you go gambling online. There are also limits to the deposit and withdrawal amounts, so you must check about these as well.

Another detail to look at are the welcome bonuses, because they can reward you with an extra amount as a newly joining player.

The essentials of cashing out

It is important for you as a newbie to know that with most modern online bookie sites you can cash out your wins, and with some you can also get partial cashouts. That means that you will have part of your wins left, to continue to use them. We will explain the basics about odds, the features of cashouts, and with which bookies you will get the best cashouts. You can also use the cashout option together with promotions, and we will explain that as well.

How to place your bet

As a novice punter, you will need to learn how to place your first bet. This information is also available on our website. We will explain in detail how you can make your first bet, and we will also explain how you can place new bet types too. It is our goal to help you make the most of your bets, so we are at your disposal for more questions, too.

The different bet types are not difficult to learn about. We have a guide to tell you what bets there are, with examples of how they will work in practice. There are definite advantages attached to them, but there can also be risks they carry, so it is essential to learn about them before you choose a specific bet type. We will tell you the essentials of single bets, multiple bets, conditional bets, spread bets, etc. Don't be daunted by terms like a Union Jack bet, either, we will explain those too.

Information on football betting

Football is the universal favourite when it comes to sports betting. We have provided information also on football betting, because we know that novice punters bet mostly on this sport. We will tell you a lot to help you make decisions in football betting, like about important events from the history of this enormously popular sport, which the best bookies for football betting are, and more. Just check our site for information on the planet's favourite game.

Information on horse racing betting

Along with football, horse racing is a supreme favourite, especially in the United Kingdom. It is getting more and more aficionados by the minute. Yes, there is special terminology and rules to go with this type of events, but they are not difficult to master, with our help. As a beginner, you will benefit from our guide on horse racing, and our articles which will explain specifics connected with this captivating sport.