types of bet

Bet Types Explained in Brief

When you are preparing for betting on online bookie sites, you must first know the essentials about the bet types. You will place bets on the outcome you think that sports events will have, and there will, too, be other events, not concerning sport, that you can make bets on: examples are events in politics, reality show winners, etc. The type of bet you choose is very important: when it is suitable, the beneficial results will come.

If you are a newbie, the simpler bets should be the safe choice, but by and by you will learn about the other types, so you will be tempted to use them, and will see they are not complicated and are exciting and rewarding. But please note that in different areas of the world, there will be diverse terms used for the same bet. Another thing is that with some bets, there are just small differences from each other. These details will help you make the correct choice.

Single, double, and treble bets

With a single bet, you will bet once on one selection, in a double bet you will place one bet on two selections, and with a treble bet you will place one bet on three selections. The selections must be in different events. You ought to have the selection, both selections, and all the three selections, respectively, successful: then you will be afforded a return.

Fourfold, fivefold etc. bets

The next bets after the treble bets have the following names: fourfold accumulator, fivefold accumulator, and so on. This continues to maximum 20 selections, and a bet on 20 selections is a 20fold accumulator bet.

Trixie bets

For a trixie bet, you must have four bets, made on three selections. Here, the minimum that you will need to be guaranteed a return will be 2 selections. An example of a trixie is 1 treble and 3 doubles.

Patent bets

In a patent bet, there are 3 selections, which are in different events. On each selection, there is a single bet; furthermore, there is one treble and 3 doubles. They make up 7 bets. Here, it takes just one selection to come up successful to guarantee you a return.

Lucky 15

Indeed there are 15 bets in this one, and they are made on 4 selections; as you already know with some other bets discussed above, they are made in different events. The components in Lucky 15 are: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, plus 1 fourfold. The heftiest win when a bonus applies comes with a win in all selections. But this does not apply to void ones or to non runners. If all the four selections win, the bonus will join the total returns. Should just one of the selections win, then the trebling of odds will be your consolation prize. This type of bets is accepted in horse racing events and in greyhounds events, plus correct scores.

You will find out that this bet is similar to the yankee bet below, but unlike it, it has singles as well.

Lucky 31

With this type, there will be 31 bets comprised, on 5 selections, and on diverse events. The 31 bets will comprise: 5 singles, 10 doubles and 10 trebles, plus 5 fourfolds, and finally a fivefold accumulator. If you get a win on all the 5 selections, you will get a bonus amounting to 25%, which will join your total returns. This will not apply in the case of voids, or of non runners. When just one selection wins, the returns will be 4 times the odds. With each way bets, the payment of the consolation prize will only be on the winning part of the specific bet. You will have this type, Lucky 31, in horse racing, also in greyhounds, and, too in correct scores.

Lucky 63

Here the bets will be 63. They will be on 6 selections, and in diverse events. Here is what will make up these bets: 6 singles, 15 doubles, then 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, and finally 6 fivefolds, plus the accumulator. Should all your selections win, you will get a 20% bonus, to join the total returns for you. If just one selection will win, the payment of the returns will be 5 times the odds. When considering winning in all selections, please note that here again voids or non runners will not be comprised. And finally, with each way bets, the payment of the consolation will be on the winning portion of the bet. This type will be present in horse racing, in greyhounds events, and in correct scores.


Yankee bets are 11 in number, and are made on 4 selections, again in different events.Out of these, minimum two must be successful to pave the way for a return. For a yankee, the components will be: 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and, finally, an accumulator.

Canadian, or Super Yankee

Here 26 bets will be comprised. They will be made on 5 selections, and in different events again. The components are 10 doubles, 10 trebles, plus two more: 5 fourfolds and an accumulator. To get a return, the success must come on minimum 2 of the selections.


In a Heinz, there will be 57 bets, on 6 selections, and in diverse events. The composition will be as follows: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, then 15 fourfolds,6 fivefolds, and, finally, a sixfold accumulator. For the return to be possible, the requirement is minimum 2 of the selections that you made to yield success.

Super Heinz

The composition of a Super Heinz will be made up of 120 bets, and the selections, on different events, will be 7. The components will be as follows: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, and 7 sixfolds, plus a sevenfold accumulator. The return will be possible with no fewer than 2 selections.


There will be 247 bets in a Goliath, so hence this name for the group comprising 8 selections, on diverse events. Here is what will be comprised in the Goliath group: There will be 28 doubles and 56 trebles, plus 70 fourfolds, then 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, and, too, 8 sevenfolds, plus an eightfold accumulator. The return will become possible when you get success in no fewer than 2 of the selections involved.