With this feature, you can get the most of your profits, by reducing the risks to the minimum, by withdrawing before the ending and the final score of the event. Online bookmakers offer you tools which help you to see what your current bets are, by showing their values, on the basis of the prices on the live market. So you can determine when to withdraw, or cash out. Then you have the possibility to settle your wager before the wrapping up of the event, and in that way you will get control over your wins, or if losses start to form, you will be able to cut them in time.

On William Hill, cash in is used, which means the same as cash out.

Betfair is the inventor which started cashing out

This online bookie launched cashing out as a feature in 2011. In the period until now, they have developed and polished this service. One feature which is outstanding on Betfair is the opportunity for punters to cash in bets in course of live horse racing events, which is not a frequent option with the other bookies.

How to cash out

Just go to the Cash Out tab. You must first check if it is available on the market you have selected with the specific bookmaker. You must also check the terms of the online bookie with respect to free bets, because bets which are funded with the use of free bets may not be eligible for cashing out. Another limitation can stem from special offers to which a selection within your bet contributes.

You must remember that the cashing out is a live feature, and you must get a confirmation message that it has been implemented.

cash out sports betting

When is the cash out suspended

Typically the feature will be suspended 5 minutes prior to the ending of the event. Other reasons can be when the betting is suspended on a specific market, or when the cash out offer value is zero.

What is the reason for an unsuccessful cash out

You must remember that the cash out offers will not be guaranteed. So if there is suddenly some large movement in prices on the selected market, you may see that your cash out is not successful. Then instead of getting a message informing you of your successful withdrawal, you will get a notification of a failure, and there will be a new offer displayed.

Follow the slider for the cash out, as well as the statistics

The slider shows where you must click for the cashing out of your original bet. To be able to do that, the slider must be available. You can cash out, even more than once, on a bet. On online bookmaking sites like Skybet, there are statistics offered in real time, plus graphics: these will help you to take an easy decision about whether the time is right to cash out.

Cash out opportunities in horse racing

The times when you can decide to cash out include the pre-play period, the period between the races, or during a race. You must check about the times at which you can cash out with the specific bookie. Cashing out is available on all events in UK horse racing and also in Irish racing, and for racing events outside these countries, you can only get the feature pre-play and between races, but not during a race.

The markets for which cashing out is provided

Currently most online bookmakers offer this feature, for the top markets, and for some other markets too.

Are the cashing out features equal for different online bookies

You must know that the cashing out option is not the same with different online bookies.

There are variations, which comprise the depth of the markets, and also the cashing out type, which can be cashing out of the bets, or partial cashing out, or the withdrawing of part of your stake, and then you can use the remainder to continue your betting.

With Betfred, you can get the best cash outs on horse racing and on greyhounds racing. For great offers on a diversity of markets, Bet365 is the online bookie to go to. For a large array of sports with cash out, choose William Hill. Do your researching before you undertake a cash out.

Use cash out together with free bets and other special offers

You can use cashing out with special offers, like free bets. Just enter the value of the free bet, and then go on with the betting and the cashing out.

Partial cash out

As mentioned above, partial cash out means you can cash out part of your amount, and the remainder will continue to be comprised in the betting. Betfair can be quoted again as one of the bookies which offer this option. But William Hill does not offer it. You will get a partial cash out offer in conformity with the live prices currently available on the selections within your bet range. You will get some of your wins, but part of your stake will remain, and with it, the possibility of locking in a profit will be present, too.

Increments of partial cash out

There will be increments in which you can implement the partial cashing out. You can first achieve it for one increment, and then go on to cash out further increments. When the event ends, you will get the returns on the non cashed out part, together with the remaining part of the bet which you have not cashed out. You can choose the increment on the slider again.

Cases in which partial cashing out is not possible

Like with cash out, here you must also have accepted the relevant agreement. The instances in which you will not achieve the partial cashing out you wish to carry out comprise the following:

  • the remaining stake is less than one increment
  • the cash out offer is less than one increment
  • you have used a free bet to fund your bet
  • you have placed the selections on a market for which there is no cashing out available
  • in case a selection on your bet has been suspended
  • there is less than 5 minutes remaining to the event's end.