How you can gamble responsibly and avoid addiction

When you start gambling, you must think about not exceeding your financial limits. Although it is an activity which will bring you a lot of emotions, you must control the amount of your wagers, and     not get excessive losses. It is about how much you can afford, so that you do not deprive yourself of money for your necessities in life.



You must think about gambling as entertainment

Especially in the beginning, you don't have the knowledge and skills to gamble and get wins. You must not get carried away; instead, you must keep thinking of this activity as of entertainment. Then you will not keep wagering on and on, which brings the hazard of exceeding the limits of what you can reasonably afford.

You must remember that online bookmakers strive after profits too

Online bookmakers maintain their businesses in order to make profits. They will welcome more wagers and larger wagering amounts. But you must also note that on renowned bookie sites there are special sections dedicated to responsible gambling. These sections will provide information for customers which will remind them that they must gamble prudently. And yet you must not forget that it is in their interests to have you as an active bettor with more and more wagers.

The hazard of becoming addicted to gambling

cardsThe more you play, the more enthusiastic you will become, and there is a hazard of becoming addicted to this activity. It has existed for centuries, and many people have become obsessed with wagering on and on. People whose willpower is not very strong will be the first to lend themselves to the appeal of gambling. If you are a person who easily becomes fascinated with emotional activity like gambling, keep in mind that addiction is very likely to happen to you.

Besides being the source of emotions and thrills, gambling can make you addicted because of the opportunities to win. For people who have taken out loans it may seem a way of repaying them. Getting more and more money via gambling may seem easy, but they must not yield to that urge. There are peaks and troughs in winning from gambling, and there are chances, too. If gamblers are striving to earn money in this way, they will easily become a compulsive gambler.

Yet another reason for becoming addicted is when people want to indulge in gambling in order to escape from their other problems. By and by they get involved deeper and deeper, to forget their other problems.

Identifying the addiction early on and tackling it is important

Above we have listed the most common hazards leading to addiction. It is not so important what has caused the addiction. What is more important is to identify that addiction early on. There are telltale symptoms of addiction, so please be on the lookout for them.

The common symptoms showing you are getting addicted are the following:

  • You constantly feel the need for gambling.
  • You make wagers that exceed the limits of what you can afford to lose.
  • When you run out of money, you start borrowing to be able to go on gambling.
  • You allot money for wagering, instead of allotting it for more essential needs.

The way out of this addiction is to stop gambling as soon as possible. However hard that will be, you must put a stop to your passion. If necessary, ask family members and friends to help you. There are also organisations which help addicted gamblers, so search on the Internet and contact one of them, to get expert assistance.

You must not seek to escape from other problems via gambling

All people have problems at some time or another, and sometimes there are several problems that pester you. Keep remembering that seeking escape in gambling is not the right way to deal with problems, and it will not solve them in any way. However depressed you are, don't resort to gambling as a means of forgetting problems and getting some sort of compensation in positive emotions. If you become a compulsive gambler, that will only add to your other problems.

How you can avoid the hazard of becoming addicted

Practice has shown that with a couple of simple measures you can avoid the hazard of getting deeper and deeper in gambling.

  • When gambling, better have company, a friend or friends

Engaging in gambling together with a friend or friends to keep you company will mean you will have a person to remind you when it is time to stop and take a break from that activity.

  • Planning will keep gambling within limits

Like with other activities, plan your gambling in advance, together with the amount you should spend, and don't exceed it. Set some time limit for yourself, and when that time period has expired, stop your gambling activity. Setting the limits for the amount to wager, and for the period during which you will gamble will offer restraints on the activity.

  • Leave your credit and debit cards aside, if you are afraid you will wager over the limit you have set for yourself

Wagering over the set limit is easy with a credit or a debit card. Put your cards aside, or leave them with your family members. Then, even if you feel the urge to splurge on wagering, you will not be able to resort to your bank cards as a source of money.

  • Keep a record of your gambling sessions

When you maintain a record of your gambling sessions, and of the amounts you have wagered, you will easily notice if you have spent too much at some time.

  • Remember to take breaks between gambling

Taking breaks will help you get your mind and thoughts away from gambling. You can alternate your gambling periods with periods spent with the family and friends. Or you can alternate it with sports workouts. In that way you will not devote all your time to wagering, and will lessen the risk of plunging into addiction.