Should you be worried about the safety of your money and your personal data when gambling online

Everyone knows there are some risks for your identity online, and you should be careful when entering them. Data theft can help hackers make payments using your card data, for example. Furthermore, you may choose a rogue gambling site, so there you will not have the security you need for your data and your money. There are some tips you must read and take into account, to know how you can ensure your safety and security when gambling online. With them, you can gamble and enjoy yourself many times, on the Internet, without exposing your personal data or your money to risks.

How to avoid rogue sites: please consult our choice of trustworthy online gambling hubs

shieldRogue sites seem like trustworthy ones, because they have similar names to the most renowned online gambling hubs. When looking for a bookmaker or a casino online, don't make your choice on your own only. Please look for opinions by other players, and trust in our selection of secure and reliable online gambling sites. Then you can spare yourself problems related to your personal data and your money, your bank account or your card data.

We have provided reviews of top online gambling sites, and this is convenient information which can help you to make your choice. We are here to help you avoid shady websites, and show you which ones merit your attention with high security and other conditions all punters seek for.

If you have chosen a gambling site, before signing up, please look for reviews on that site. Another way is joining forums and looking for comments on that site. Be especially on the lookout for negative comments, expressing displeasure with the security, telling other punters about hassles with their data handling.

Delays with payments are a red flag

There can be problems with the payments, too, which means that you can also have problems and not get timely withdrawals. Too lengthy withdrawal periods are a warning sign. Your money won will not be secure there. If you find such comments, please stay away from that site.

Gambling sites which change their terms

Changing the terms is a way for rogue sites to avoid paying you. They frequently change their terms, the depositing limits, the bonus terms, the cashout limits. You may start gambling with some conditions and limits, and then you may find the site suddenly changed the terms. Look for such complaints in comments by experienced punters, and avoid sites which tend to often make changes in the terms for players.

Promotions which are so high they seem unrealistic should make you suspicious

Some rogue sites tend to attract players by offering mind boggling promotions, like for instance 400% deposit bonuses. Be cautious when you see such offers, because this can be a sign of a site which will not be secure to play on.

Security via SSL encryption

In online gambling sites reviews and on sites themselves, you will see the information that they are protected by SSL encryption. This is the standard security measure nowadays for providing the encryption of the link between the client and the server. This means that if you enter your personal data, like your name, your credit card number, etc., it will be kept secure, because the link will be encrypted with this modern security measure.

Modern online gambling sites maintain 128 bit SSL encryption for the processing of their customers' data. It is enough to point out that the same technology is used for military purposes.

Security is also a staple with software developers like PlayTech, MicroGaming, Cryptologic, and other most popular softwares. If you are looking at online casino sites, and their range of games features games powered by these softwares, you can be very certain that the security on those online casinos is high.

Your security will depend on the security of the online casino software

You must know that online casinos maintain the security and fairness of their software by means of regular checking. This involves the checking of RNG, or random number generation. The checking is implemented by third party organisations. The checks ensure that the gaming conducted on the online casino is completely random, and there are also checks of the network risks. The checks also comprise the inspection for bugs, to ensure that the casino software is completely free of bugs. All these aspects of the checking ensure the security of the online casino site.

The security provided with payment methods

The palette of payment methods on anonline gambling site will also reveal how high the security it extends is. The sites which only accept checks and cash transfers are not sites to provide high security. Reputable online gambling sites offer a diversity of payment methods, and also comprise a number of e-wallets like NETELLER, Skrill, etc. These e-wallet services restrict the information that will be disclosed to the specific sites accepting payments via them. You will only pay using your e-wallet data. In this way you will not need to disclose the data of your card or bank account you use to feed the e-wallet account. Options like PaySafeCard will also offer you anonymity and security, because you only pay cards in physical locations and use their PINs to deposit online. Gambling sites which accept e-wallets and methods of payment like PaySafeCard will testify that these sites take care to provide online gamblers with high security for their data.

Don't share your username or password details to others

As is the case with other sites, when you set up your account and create your username and password, these are specific data which must not be shared with other people. If you share them, the person who knows them can attempt to enter the site and use it on your behalf. Like with other usernames and passwords, your security depends on whether you will keep them to yourself.

Look at the above mentioned factors to become sure of the security of the site you have chosen

The security of online gambling is provided as a combined effect of the above mentioned factors. When you want to be assured of the security of the site you have chosen, you must check it against all the criteria we have outlined above.