The reasons for the overwhelming popularity of live betting

Sports betting has been developing to offer punters increasingly more exciting experiences. So live betting has turned into an indispensable feature for betting sites. Betting live is turning into a highly demanded option, so it now constitutes the majority of online bets placed. Betting prior to matches has come to the background. In response, offering more options and more odds have become frequent on part of bookmakers. Live streaming is unsurpassed for providing immediate experiences, so that punters can determine with more certainty what bet they should place.

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In-play consoles

live betting

In-play consoles, or live betting consoles, have changed sports betting in a drastic way. As we mentioned above, immediate live experiences have the edge of providing opportunities for watching as sports events go on. These consoles will enable you to select from a wide array of bets, and you can do that even until the last minutes of the particular event. It is so handy to place bets at half time, or before the last minutes of the match.

You should not worry about the legality of in-play consoles. The regulations according to which bookmakers are licensed apply to this type of betting as well. Let us mention reputable regulation authorities like the British Gambling Commission, eCOGRA, TST, etc. Of course, when you watch events live, you must do that for your benefit only, without copying the streams and reproducing them without the consent of the bookmaker.

Below you will find a shortlist of the best in-play consoles on the market. That list will help you to find the right betting site for you. Nowadays all bookmakers offer in-play betting, so we strive to maintain that shortlist for the convenience of our customers.

As you can see, Bet365 heads the shortlist. The predominant part of heir betting site is dedicated to live events markets, so they rightly come at the top. Added to them are a host of top sports events streamed live, regularly, comprising most popular sports like football and tennis, plus a raft of other sports. Another convenience which comes with Bet365's in-play betting options is the adjustment for mobile device use, so you can bet on their site on the go.

The other bookies on the list also merit special attention, with in-play betting options on a wide array of sports markets.

Comparison of pre-match betting and live betting

As you compare the traditional pre-match betting with live betting, the first thing you will realise is betting live is safer. You see which way the event is developing, so you can place your bet at any time, realistically. That provides you with a myriad of betting options during an event. You can accumulate your wins, or if the game takes a turn for the worse, you can cash out.

Another undisputed convenience is that bookies offer their live betting consoles on their mobile sites, or you can manage them using the dedicated app. That will give you liberty of movement, you will not need to watch the event on TV, your mobile device is enough to follow and bet on an event as it is being played. Betting in play typically comes together with live broadcasting, with audio and video alike. Thus you can react to any unexpected turnaround in an event, for the better or for the worse, and correct your bet accordingly.

As for pre-match betting, one advantage which matters greatly is the higher odds for favourites before an event starts. The other is the larger selection of markets compared to in-play betting. But that is not a hard and fast rule. As seasoned punters know, you should do a host of research before placing a bet in this type of wagering.

You can use the advantages of pre-match betting, but live betting is the predominant bundle of advantages, so you can consider combining these two ways, for higher lucrativity.

Live betting is more dynamic, so you will need to react quickly and adventurously. With time, as your experience accumulates, you will form the knack and guts to take quick decisions on betting. You just need to follow the game development with attention, to snatch the opportunity. Quick cashing out when needed, or placing a bet on improved odds should be done without delay. Just remember that any wins add up to your overall amount, and there are heaps of chances forthcoming, so take opportunities to cash out even smaller bets when needed.

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Live streaming

Live streaming attracts punters with the opportunity for watching sports events in their progress. Most bookmakers in the UK, and bookies worldwide, now feature live streaming to attract more customers. You will watch the particular event in a small window, Flash based, like you would watch it on your TV set. Most importantly, the streaming will come without delay, at the bookmakers' sites we feature. You may not like the fact that the window is small, you cannot watch in full screen.

Select from top profile events you are interested in and watch them in live streaming, to place your bets. Note that bookmakers typically want you to have deposited some funds into your account in order to let you watch live feeds they extend. Such is the requirement at Bet365. And with other operators, especially when you are looking for live streaming of horse races, there will be a minimum deposit limit you must meet to watch them live.

Audio comments

You will find out that there is no live streaming for some high profile events, like in football. You can compensate for that by listening to audio comments. They can also provide handy information you can use for your betting.

What features you must look for in bookmakers for quality live betting

The features you must look for in bookmakers offering live betting are listed below. We have complied them to help you select the best operators and enjoy full quality betting experiences.

Overview mode

That will be the live console's opening section. There, you will see the top events going on, along with the bets that are the most popular for them. So on the basis of these you will figure out the best bet to place at any moment. If you are viewing on mobile, you may find a different listing, the events may be divided by sports.

Events view and multi view modes

For a live game, you must go into Event View mode. Thus you will see all the bets possible for the specific event. Over the bets, you will also see brief information on the developments in that event.

Multi View will enable you to design the live console according to your preferences, with only the events you want to watch. You can customise it by simply selecting, them dragging and dropping fixtures. You cannot find the feature with all bookmakers, but the top ones, like Bet365 or Paddy Power, offer it.

Live graphics quality

The quality of live graphics will help you to figure out correctly how the game is developing. That quality is aided by other means with top bookmakers. As you get a general understanding of the current development, you can help yourself with some essential statistics, like the ones provided by Bet365.

Schedule and live score

The in-play schedule along with live score are two features to enhance your experience. With the in-play schedule, you can get informed, and you can use it to get to the specific fixture's page. The essential information comprises the starting time, the type of the sport, whether coverage is ensured. Typically the schedule is offered for up to the 7 forthcoming days.

The live score feature is another nifty one. You can check the results, for any fixture you are interested in. With many operators, you can find a Results section, and there you can check the outcome, your win.

Markets range covered

You must look for a wide enough range of markets covered, not just the ubiquitous football and tennis, for example. Top operators offer a plethora of sports, less popular ones included.

Mobile compatibility

As we mentioned above, mobile compatibility is essential, with intuitive interface and smooth in-play betting. You must be quick to place your bets here, too, to capture the odds as them arise.

Fast betting

You will find that feature only with certain operators, and again Bet365 is an example, along with Paddy Power, and some other bookmakers. To use it, find the on/off button, and place your bet in seconds. You should have set the bet value in advance. This feature is especially handy in sports where the odds change fast, like tennis.

Live odds

The odds in live betting are very dynamic. Top betting sites offer that feature, quickly balanncing the movement in odds.


That is a relatively new feature, but it is nifty and soaring in popularity. You can cash out at the appropriate time, as you claim part of your winnings, if you are not certain about your chances of