mobile betting appsThe catchy passion of going mobile is all the rage around Britain. Many people have more than one phone per person, so you can imagine the profusion of mobile devices used. Yes, mobile devices, not just smartphones, because people also use Android tablets, iPads, and other devices.

The mobile gaming and betting passion is soaring, too. It is so tempting to avail yourself of the convenience to bet on the go. Sportsbooks are responding to that trend by developing mobile versions of their sites. You will find more and more operators now offering their mobile app.

To help you learn more about the mobile betting offers by bookmakers, we have studied the functionality of their apps. The criteria we applied comprise the ease of use, the promptness of placing bets, which markets are covered, and other capabilities. We should like to point out that different apps have different perks. You will find some apps convenient for betting on a specific sport, and others can offer palatable bonuses. Our research has shown that William Hill's app can be considered the best on the market, in terms of overall functionality. That leads us to the next section, the criteria according to which an app has advantages.

Great user friendly design, Special bonus for first mobile bet, Rewarding live streaming.
£200 Sport£100 Casino€100 Poker

The advantages of mobile apps: usability, operating systems support, compatibility

As we mentioned above, ease of use, or usability, is the first and foremost criterion that matters for all betters. The availability for the popular operating systems is another prime requirement. Not only iOS and Android devices, but other, less popular, systems can also be supported, for example Nokia. Yet another feature betters look for is mobile streaming. You can check in the table below and find these details about the top mobile apps we have gathered in the shortlist.

But one more important detail which will greatly impact the quality of your mobile betting is the compatibility of your device and the specific app. Please check the relevant sections of our reviews, to find out more about compatibility with the app of your choice. We want to spare you the disappointment of not being able to run an app on your specific mobile device, smartphone or tablet. We would like to state that the apps featured in the table will not cause you that inconvenience.

Bonuses for mobile betting

In online betting, there are a host of bonus offers, so as a punter you will be used to be pampered with a welcome bonus as a new customer, and then other bonuses. But with mobile betting bonuses are not so abundant. You will find out that not many bookies offer them, so we have included information on mobile bonuses as well. Look for the Bet365 mobile gaming, as it awards a £50 bonus for betting mobile. (No longer aveilable!)

Mobile website versions and mobile betting apps

You will start using the mobile website version as soon as you open it on your mobile device, because the website will detect the mobile device and will optimize the page for mobile viewing. So to use the mobile website version you do not need to download anything. But you may want to see how the mobile app for that site will function. Then you need to download it, like you download other apps from Apple Store. There are also other platforms suchas getjar. If the bookmaker refers the platform on its website, it is safe to go to the platform and download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find the replies to common questions when you want to go mobile for betting. If the question you have is not included in our FAQ page, please email us at ....., or contact us on Facebook, so that we can reply and help with more information.

I want an app rather than using the mobile site

It is helpful to know that you cannot find mobile betting apps on Google Play. But if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can find betting apps on Apple Store.

If you use an Android device, you have a solution. You must open the Settings, then to Security, and select Unknown sources. That will enable your device to install appls from other sources besides Google Play. If your Android version is earlier than 4.0, from Settings open Applications, and then Unknown sources, then OK. Don't forget to uncheck Unknown sources after you have downloaded the app, to ensure your security. You will find more information on mobile apps for Android in our reviews.

Are unknown sources for app installing safe?

Here we should give you the lowdown on the getjar platform. It is an independent store for mobile apps, functioning since 2004. Millions of people have downloaded apps for Android from that platform, like customers of Paddy Power. If the app is endorsed by the bookmaker, you should not worry about its safety. Again, like above, we should like to remind you to change your settings and uncheck Unknown sources after downloading the app.

Can I use many apps on my mobile device?

Generally there is no problem about using more apps on the same mobile device, as long as they do not cause you to run out of storage space. Betting apps are usually small, so they should not cause problems with storage space. It is handy to have more apps, to use different ones on different betting markets. One app will be convenient for football betting, like BetVictor, and another can offer a rewarding overall experience, like the app for William Hill. You will find out there are apps covering fewer market on mobile betting compared to the full websites, and other apps will extend the same range of markets as the full websites.

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Am I entitled to a free bet if I bet with a mobile app?

All the mobile apps we have included in the table extend free bets on setting up an account and placing a deposit. You should compare the amounts offered by the different bookmakers and featured on our home page. Let us remind you there can be specific terms and conditions applicable to these bonuses, so you should look for them and get acquainted with the conditions that apply.

Can I find an operator offering a mobile app for betting without minimum deposit?

No, you cant. You will see all bookmakers have a minimum deposit condition: £5.

How much is the minimum bet amount requirement for betting mobile?

The minimum bet amount varies, it can be even very low, of the order of several pence. You should check with the specific bookmaker.  

Do operators offer the same promotions available on their full sites for their mobile betting versions too?

You will be pleased to learn that the promotions extended for betting on the full sites apply for the mobile betting versions as well. You will also find some added promotions offered for mobile betting. Operators would like to retain you as a customer, so they can pamper you with some free cash to make you feel special. Let us mention the ‘on-the-go’ bonus extended by Bet365: with it, you can get some nice extra amount, up to £50 in addition.

Are there live cashout options on mobile betting apps?

Among the apps we have featured in our table, there are ones which enable you to cash out early. In that way, you will have a guaranteed win cashed out, no matter what the end result will be. The odds will indeed be lower, compared to betting without early cashing out, but on the other hand, you will be on the safe side: imagine an end score which would bring you no win at all.

Is Bet Exchange available on mobile apps?

There is Bet Exchange available with Ladbrokes, which is the only operator with Bet Exchange featured on our site. We can guarantee their quality, so you can safely use their Bet Exchange option. Otherwise, we would not like you to use dubious operators offering bet exchanges, so you had better be cautious about engaging in that with other bookies.

Which app would your recommend for my iPhone?

There are different apps, so the choice is down to you. Use your personal preferences to decide. You will find strong points and weaknesses in all apps. Look for the markets and special features that each app extends. For live betting on iPhone, we recommend Bet365 mobile app. For special money back offers, we recommend Paddy Power's mobile app. Again, we would like to advise you to check our reviews, you will find helpful information in them. You can also use more than one app for iPhone, to be able to bet efficiently with more than one bookmaker.

Which app would you recommend for my Android device?

There are different Android apps with different perks, so this is a matter of personal preference, like with iPhone apps. You should look for features suiting your needs. One tip we would like to give you is William Hill's app for Android, as a top one in our opinion. Please note it is available for certain Android versions only: Donut, Jellybean,Gingerbread. Our invariable advice is to check in our reviews, and also use more Android apps for different bookmakers, to benefit of their advantages for betting in different markets.

Can I find a mobile app for BlackBerry or for Windows Mobile?

The mobile apps available for these systems are very few. But let us remind you that you can bet mobile using the mobile versions of the full bookmaker sites. Then you would not need a dedicated app. Some bookmakers will offer a really swift bet placing, with just a couple of taps, like Ladbrokes: you will need to tap just 3 times to place your bet and confirm the placement.

Is there a mobile app for accessing all bookmakers?

Yes, there is. It is called BookieBoost. With it, you will access all the top bookmakers' offers, free bets, plus all their special offers, which will be updated regularly. The BookieBoost app will also offer you other betting tools. You will like to get the calculators and results offered for football and horse racing.

You can use the BookieBoost app if you have a mobile device with iOS or Android. You can get it from here.

How can I use the QR codes you offer?

On our website, you will find QR codes for bookmakers. With them, you will get perks such as free bets when you set up a new account with the specific bookmaker. QR means Quick Response. It can be used to find out more information about a product or service, or open a website. To get the information or open the site, you just need to scan the code. So you will understand this is something like a barcode. But a QR code will supply much more information.

To use our QR codes, you need a QR reader on your mobile device, and you also need a camera on your device, which will serve to scan the code. You can download QR readers for free for all widely used mobile devices, based on the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile. After you have installed the QR reader, you can point your device at the QR code. The device will vibrate. You will get a query on the screen about whether you want to visit the specific website, for example.

Which is the top mobile app for bonuses?

In our opinion, that is Bet365's app. It is the only one extending a special promotion, after you have made your first mobile bet. You will get a free bet which you can use to bet mobile again. To withdraw it, you will need to roll it over 3 times at least in mobile betting. Again, for welcome bonuses, we recommend Ladbrokes' app.

Which mobile app do you recommend for live streaming?

For live betting and streaming, we recommend Bet365's app, with quality equalling that of the full site live streaming, plus the On the Move bonus.

For horse racing, we also recommend SkyBet's app, themed on Sky Sports, for UK and Ireland racing events.