Online Athletics Betting

Athletics enjoys a large following, and with so many important events, there is always a raft of opportunities for betting. Not only the Olympics which are held every four years, but also the World  Championships, the European Championships, the Commonwealth Games, etc. will attract your attention. Of course, there are also other events which feature athletics and challenge you to wager on them. Marathons are sure to thrill you greatly too.

The Major Athletics Events on a Worldwide Scale

Let us start with the Summer Olympics, where athletics enjoys a prominent place. Modern athletics events comprise track and field events, also road running, plus race walking. At some time, even tug of war was part of Olympic athletics events.

The World Championships are held every two years. They are organised by the International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF). In the years, the assortment of events has changed, and several new events have been added. In 2005, 3,000 metres steeplechase was added.

Other Prime Athletics Events

The European Athletics Championship is also held every two years. The organisation of the events is carried out by the European Athletics Association. When this event coincides with the Summer Olympics, two events, marathon and racewalking, are not contested. Starting from 2018, when this championship does not coincide with the Summer Olympics, it will be a part of the new event to take place every four years, the European Championship.

The Commonwealth Games are for participating Commonwealth athletes, and are held every four years. England, Scotland, and Wales are among the six countries that have taken part in all Commonwealth Games.

The Diamond League is held annually, and is a recent newcomer, having been held since 2010. In addition to being attended in European venues, it is also held in countries outside Europe, in China, in the United States, in Morocco, in Qatar.

The Mediterranean Games are held every four years; in them, a range of sports are featured, comprising athletics. As the name shows, the participating countries are those which are on or close to the Mediterranean. Only Israel and Palestine have not taken part.

There are even events for disabled athletes, the Summer Paralympics, and the IPC Athletics Championship which is held every two years and is a world championship as well.

The London Marathon is a thrilling event which belongs with the World Marathon Majors. It is an annual event, held in the spring. You will also find information on it under the name Virgin Money London Marathon, after its sponsor. The marathon is the holder of a Guinness record, for the largest event for charity fund raising on a worldwide scale.

The Major Bet Types

The Bet on the Outright Winner of the Event

Being the most popular, this wager will be on who will win a specific event, a race, a jump, a throw, etc. When the major events are going on, you will find a plethora of markets comprising all events. When there is a smaller athletics event, the markets will be offered on the most popular disciplines, such as the 100 metre sprint, the hurdles, the long distance events, the high jump, etc.

The Winning Time Bet

Here you will bet on a time out of a range of times. This wager is very popular when marathons are held. Then you can wager on a finishing time between two times.

The Bet on Whether a Record Will Be Broken

If you predict a record in an athletics discipline is to be broken, you can place this wager on the breaking. There are a plethora of disciplines, so you can pick the one where you have the feel that a record is going to be exceeded by a talented and successfully performing athlete.

The Bet on the Number of Medals to Be Won by an Athlete

When one of the most renowned athletics championships is going on, it is time to consider this bet. If you have followed the performance of a specific renowned athlete, you can place a wager on the number of medals he will win in the championship. Here you can also consider wagering on the number of medals that a specific country will win in the championship.

The Bets on the Diamond League Winner

We already pointed out you can bet on all events, even those that are not on a world scale, so when the Diamond League events are going on, you can place wagers on the event. Place one of more of the major bets above.

The Bets on the Mediterranean Games Athletics Winner

When the Mediterranean Games are going on, you can place bets on who will win in athletics in these games. Place one of more of the major bets above.

The Bets on the Summer Paralympics

You can wager on the winners and results in this event when it is going on. Place one of more of the major bets above.

The Bets on the IPC Athletics Championship

Bet on the results and winners in this event when it is in progress. Place one of more of the major bets above.

The Bets on the London Marathon

This event attracts a host of attention, and is a thrilling one to wager on.

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