Online Basketball Betting

Basketball has its definite appeal, its ardent following, and, too, its online following of punters. The excitement which streams from games will send your heart beating fast, and you will be itching with the urge to bet. Before betting, however, read about some specifics of this game and what online bets to make your choice from. Then, there will be an availability of a raft of games to select and bet on. The basketball season is filled with games and exciting opportunities for making wagers. The most tempting ones are the international basketball league events.

The Major Events You Can Bet on

These will comprise NBA, NCAA Basketball, Spanish Liga, Italian Liga, German BBL, British BBL, and other events. Among these, NBA and NCAA events are offered for betting on all online bookies.

NBA, or the National Basketball Association, is the most prominent professional league in this sport for North America, and also for the whole world. The teams participating are 30, out of which 29 are from the US and one from Canada. In the regular season, there are 82 games that each team will play, half of them home and the remaining 41 games away. In February, there is a break for the All Star game. The regular season wraps up in mid April. Then the voting starts for the different individual awards. Late April is when the playoffs are. The finals are played in June.

NCAA games are played in the spring in the US. College basketball teams participate; they are 68 teams from the Division one of NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This is a single elimination tournament. The last stage is the Final Four, which usually takes place in the first weekend of April.

Our Tips for Online Basketball Betting

Before you choose the bet to place online, please look at the lines and the odds that online bookies offer. These can be different, so you must check them and decide where you can avail yourself of the best odds. If you have already decided on a specific bet, tour the online bookies to see where the odds are the most favourable. And of course you must know the essentials, the low down, about the main bet types you can select from.

The Bet Types in Online Basketball Betting

The Point Spread

Being the most common one, when it is a matter of basketball betting, this wager has to do with points. The online bookie will take some points away from the favourite, and will give points to the other team, which is the underdog. This will be done to make the odds even for both teams. This is points handicap. Then, if you wager on the favourite, you will need them to win by more than the points taken from them, and if you wager on the underdog, you will need them to win the game outright, or lose by fewer points than those added to them.

The Over/Under Bet

For this bet, the online bookie will set a total points number for the scores of the two teams combined. You will wager on whether that score will over or under the result set by the bookie. The set points number depends on the styles of the teams. The overtime is also included in the total. Most basketball games which continue with overtime finish with an over result.

The Money Lines Bet

When you prefer not to opt for the point spread, you can wager on the money line. Your task will be to make a prediction regarding the team that will win. The online bookies will change the amount they tend to pay for each team. If you bet on the underdog, you can get a better price here than in the points bet.

The Parlay Bet

Here, you will choose two or more sides, and they must all win to make your bet a winning one. Your prospective payout will grow when you add more sides to the bet. So you can get a higher payout than for betting on each game individually. However, there is higher risk involved, so you should also factor that in.

The Prop Bet

Here you will make your wagers on many details on the statistics for teams and for players in the games. You can bet on Over/Under about the points for a specific player, for example on the star for the specific team. Or you can wager on timing of scores, for instance on which team will score the first, etc. These bets can yield a host of emotions.

The Futures Bet

As the name shows, that wager will be placed on events to take place in the future. For example, you can bet on which player will be nominated for a specific award or awards, or which team will emerge the winner in the specific championship. The payouts for this bet type are high, so together with high emotions you have prospects of hefty wins.

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Top Online Bookies for Your Basketball Betting

The first bookie we recommend is William Hill. Tempting with its free bet which is palatable, up to £30, and free bet offers each week, this bookie also will provide you with tips, great odds, and opportunities for wagering on diverse basketball events. Currently they are offering NBA Championship 2017 betting. You can also wager live, and avail yourself of the in-play opportunities.

Next comes 888Sport. There, extra earnings coming as free bets are on offer, plus great odds and a raft of basketball events to wager on. Markets from all corners are available, including pre match markets, and you can also treble the odds on your first bet as a new customer. Don't miss mobile betting opportunities on 888Sport.

On Winner Sport, the fantastic offer for newly signed up punters is £200! Plus, the markets, the Rookie of the Year, etc. opportunities promise great experiences and can come with hefty wins.

One more choice of ours, Betfair, comes with the bookie offering £30 in free bets: that is the boon for new customers. Play on the Betfair Exchange, back your team, or lay it. You can cash out anytime you wish.