Online Boxing Betting

For fans of combat sports, boxing offers bundles of thrills. These thrills will continue with online wagering. You can choose to wager on each of the classes, heavyweight, middleweight, or lightweight one.

The Major Boxing Organisations

The World Boxing Association, with a head office in Panama, has its rules according to which a winner can be declared Unified Champion if he also holds a title in one of the other three major bodies, in the respective weight division. That is the oldest such organisation, and the title it awards is on a professional level. It also recognises title holders appointed by the other three major organsiations.

The World Boxing Council is responsible for a host of current safety measures in the sport, like the well known standing eight count. It also recognises title holders whose titles are awarded by the other major organisations in boxing. Since 2010 it awards a Silver Title.

The International Boxing Federation is headquartered in Springfield, New Jersey, USA. It is a non profit institution.

The World Boxing Organisation is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It has, in addition to the other titles, the Super Champion title when the champion meets a set of special criteria.

The Ring is a boxing magazine, with its own version of lineal championship. It has awarded titles since 2001. Since 2012, there are additional fights allowed to fill vacant title positions, so there are doubts expressed about the credibility of this championship.

The most authoritative organisation, though a relative newcomer, since 2012, is the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. It has its version of lineal championship, and its principles include strict reasoning in the appointing of world champions. Its board comprises 50 boxing journalists and record keepers from around the world, so impartiality is sought.

Boxing as an Olympic Sport

Boxing is part of the Olympic sports range so when there are Olympics you can follow the events and bet on them.

Betting on Fights between Big Names in Boxing

These are especially exciting events on which you can wager. Big names does not necessarily stand for champions, these can be boxers that are widely discussed in the media.

The Specifics of Boxing Betting

The specifics of betting in this sport depends on the fact that there are not two teams, but two individual boxers competing. So you must study the style of your preferred boxer, how he has fared in previous fights, and all details can help you to form the correct prediction, even some injuries that the boxer has suffered recently. You must also research the odds offered on different online bookies for that boxer.

Boxers' keeping weight can also be a strong indicator. If a boxer struggles to maintain his weight, that will not make him a strong opponent.

The Main Bet Types in Boxing

The Moneyline Bet

This is a familiar bet in sports wagering. You will put it in to wager on who will win the specific fight. The difference when you make it in boxing is that a line is set on the draw. The draw result is not a frequent occurrence in this sport. So the odds on a draw offered will typically be high.

In this bet, it is key to factor in the knockout punch for the boxers. When betting on a favourite, select one that will not be prone to knockouts.

The Total Bet

When going for this bet, which is a over or under wager, you will bet on the total rounds in the fight, or on the total points to be scored in that fight. There will be a line set, and you can put in your bet, over or under it.

Online bookies set the lines for this wager depending on the boxers' styles. For example, if two heavyweights are to fight, the chances of a knockout are high, so this line will be set low. For boxer in lower weight classes the chances will be higher.

The Knockout Bet

When it looks likely there will be a knockout, you can see if your chosen online bookie offers that wager. As we pointed out in the previous bet description, the chances of knockouts are especially high when heavyweight boxers are to fight.

The Draw Bet

As we pointed out above, draws are relatively rare in boxing. But many online bookies offer betting on draws. When no knockout occurs, the judges will give scores to decide the winner. When the score is a draw, and you have placed this type of bet, you will be lucky. And because draws are infrequent, the payouts tend to be high. So if there is a fight between two evenly matched boxers, and you feel there is likely to be a draw, you can place this bet.

The Parlay Bet

This is a familiar type of bet in other sports too. In it, you can bet on two or more point spreads, or over unders, or moneylines. The bet will win if each of the boxers in the parley wins. If for example you feel that two or three boxers are sure to win, you can place a parlay bet on them.

The Prop Bets

In these bets, also familiar ones in other sports betting, you can bet on specific events in the fight. For example, you can place a wager on in how many rounds exactly the fight will go, or how the boxer of your choice will win the fight, by a knockout or by decision. As the prop becomes more specific, the payout increases as well. This is a suitable bet if you have handicapped a fight, and you have a strong feel of how it will end, and when it will end.


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