cricketFor Britain, and for the countries which are related to it because of belonging to the former British Empire, cricket is prominent in popularity. No wonder that online betting on it is widespread, and you are tempted to get started in it.

When making your decisions on betting please look for information about the conditions of the pitch. There are differences between pitches in the different countries, and they can seriously influence results. If the game form is longer, the condition of the wickets is also of high importance, There are also other peculiarities to learn, as you prepare for placing your bet on online bookie sites.

Bet Types in Cricket

Because all cricket matches finish with particular results, you can bet on the winner, plus using a raft of other bets, related to details like the bowler's performance in the match, the highest number of runs made by the batsman, etc. It is exciting to bet also on the match odds, on the best bowler and the best batsman.

The Match Bet bet at William Hill

This is an essential bet, on the team that you predict will be the winner in the match. It seems simple , but still you must have the understanding of some peculiarities in order to judge successfully. You must check the conditions with the bookmaker where you intend to place your bet, because some online bookies void bets which are made on a match ending in a draw, etc.

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The Series Winner

When a series of matches are played between two teams, bet on the winner in that series: another essential bet in cricket.

The Outright Winner

This is a bet on a team in any tournament. There are many teams participating in them, so the choice is usually difficult. But the odds are higher, so if you win, you will reap a hefty profit.

The Tied Match

A tie means a draw, so your bet will be on a draw in the specific match. It is most appropriate to place such bets on test matches. These matches are most likely to end in draws, so you have a high probability of making a successful bet.

The Total Runs

This is a bet on the total runs that will be scored in the specific match.

Other bets you can make include the highest number of run outs, etc.

The Bets on Individual Players

You will place these bets on a specific player, and here are the common ones you can make.

The Top Batsman Bet

When you make this bet, you will predict the player to score the most runs in an innings, or in a match, or in a series. The prediction is difficult, but the odds are typically large, so you can expect large profits if your bet is successful.

The Top Bowler

This is a wager on the top bowler, the player who will manage to take the most wickets. You can make this bet for an innings, or for a match, or for a series.

The Bet on One of Two Batsmen

This is a bet in which you will bet on one batsman from one team, or two batsmen from the same team. It is also called a Batsman Contest wager. You will place your bet on the one you predict will be better in a given category, for example in the number of runs for the cricket event.

cricket playerThe Player of the Match Bet

You will place this wager on the player you predict will be the most prominent in the event.

Other bets you can place in connection with players are available as well. You can check what bets of that type are available with the online bookie you intend to bet on.

And Now Let's Tempt You with Advanced Bets

The possibilities for online betting have given cricket aficionados new opportunities for betting. They can now bet in-play, as the game is taking place. Knowing that most cricket matches last 4 hours on average, and test matches can take a period of up to 5 days, in-play betting gives you really vast capabilities for making your predictions and wagering. Here you must remember that sometimes live streaming and the updates to the matches can be delayed because of slow connection, so you should be careful. Some in-play betting types are listed below:

The Runs from the Next Delivery

This type will provide you with the opportunity to place bets ball by ball. This can provide you with advantages, because you can wager after you see how conditions are developing.

The Batsman Runs

You will place this bet immediately before the batsman selected by you makes his first delivery. You will wager on the score he will get, over or under a particular number of runs.

The Dismissal Method

You will make a bet on how the next wicket will fall. This can include hitting the edge to the wicket keeper, etc.

Handicap Betting in Cricket

Like in betting on other sports, you can have handicap betting in cricket too. The situations are of the same time: one team has a high advantage over the opposing team in the cricket event. Then the team which is the favourite for winning is given a handicap by the online bookie. In order for a handicap bet to become winning, that team must overcome the handicap. For shorter events, the handicap will be placed after the completion of the innings by one of the teams. As for test matches, the handicap bet is not commonly offered there.

The Most Auspicious Online Bookmakers for Your Betting on Cricket

William Hill is undoubtedly rich in offers and facilities for online betting, with an in-play radio and live streaming, plus podcasts, information from their blog, so follow the latest developments in cricket there. Among the bets on the bookie, we can mention Top Batsmen bets, where your selection finishes the second: then your bet will be refunded as a free bet.

Besides the welcome offer, 888Sport will offer you tips, in-play betting and numerous odds on a daily basis. With live betting you can always reap some profits, and the welcome package of £88 in free bets will provide you with nice amounts for betting on the bookie site.

On Winner Sport, you have another auspicious ground replete with opportunities for cricket betting, plus the welcoming £40 for new customers.

One more great choice is Paddy Power, where you can get test matches coupons, ODI coupons, Twenty20 coupons, etc. The online bookie offers odds in cricket on domestic and international events: Ashes, test matches, World Cup, county championships, etc.