Online Darts Betting

Darts enjoys a popularity which is rising; the two world championships held annually contribute to the excitement. One of these is the PDC World Darts Championship, starting in December and continuing into January, when it overlaps with the other the BDO Championship organised by the British Darts Organisation. The sponsorship by the William Hill bookie contributes to the opportunities you have for betting on darts events. Other bookies also sponsor darts events, so there are more opportunities for placing your wagers if you are a darts fan and avid for betting on events in this sport. Some darts players are sponsored by online bookmaking companies, so you will have ample opportunities to choose and bet on such players as well.

How You Can Build Your Successful Betting Strategy in Darts

You must have some essential information about major events in this sport, and follow the statistics, in order to form a good betting strategy. You can achieve that by following the tips and information provided by online bookmakers. We already mentioned the two world championships which comprise the most important darts events for the year. Besides them, there is also Premier League Darts, which is of a league format, and the players participating in it play in a different venue each week.

When you start looking for where to place your online bets, you must check the specific rules on the bookies of your choice. Knowing exactly what the rules are on a bookmaking site will ensure that you will have the correct idea of what you will base your bets on.

There are some other considerations to add when estimating where to place your bet. Although in darts there is not much physical effort involved, and therefore injuries are not very likely, sometimes a player may be unable to complete a darts match owing to a physical injury. In such cases bets on the matches that are not completed will be voided. If a match that has not been completed is replayed within a specified period of time, which is 12 hours for many online bookies, then the bets may remain valid. To be certain that your bet will remain in such circumstances, we advise you to check with the bookie where you have placed your bet.

When a player must withdraw from a darts event for some reason, then the next player to go to the next round of the championship will be automatically declared the winner in the round.

The Types of Darts Bets

The bets you can make on darts events will comprise not just basic bets that you make before the start of the event, but you can also place your wager live, in the course of the playing of the event.

The two main types of bets are the match bets and the bets on the outright winners. With the latter ttype of bets, we advise you to place them before the event starts, because then the odds will be more auspicious.

Betting on the Tournament Winner

As you know if you have some prior experience in darts, in this sport there are no draws. That is why you can bet on the winner. Note, however, that in the Premier League there are draws allowed.

Betting on the Correct Score of the Match

You can place your bet on the correct final score in sets in a darts match, on how many sets it will take the winner to get the victory.

The Over/Under bet

As the name implies, you will bet on the sets or legs over or under a specified number for a darts match.

The Highest Checkout Bet

This is a bet that you will make on a player or on a players as you predict that that player or players will get the maximum checkout in the specific darts tournament.

The Highest 3-Dart Average Bet

This is a bet that you will place on a player that you think will achieve the highest 3-dart average in a specified darts tournament.

The Tournament Outrights Bet

You can place a bet on the outright winner, in your prediction. And you can also wager on the players that will participate in the event's final.

The Handicap Bet

In this bet, you will place your bet on the player you predict will win the match, but that will be with a plus or minus handicap of some number of sets, or some number of legs. The handicap will depend on the odds in the market for the outright match winner.

The Online Bookmakers That We Recommend for Placing Your Bets on Darts On

William Hill is our first choice, and we recommend it for darts betting as a leading bookie offering not only match betting, handicap betting, highest match checkout, enhanced odds, but also a host of specials. You will also be offered live results for events, the World Matchplay, the Premier League, the World Championship.

On 888Sport, you will find great darts betting odds and promotions, and place your bets on the site or via your mobile device, using the mobile site version. You will be offered weekly highlights, covering of major tournaments, so winning big is easy as you regularly follow the information and offers. Newly signed up players will be offered a free bet extending to up to £88.

On Winner Sports, you can also make your darts bets, and there is a palatable incentive, being able to claim a free bet of up to £200: that is the incentive for newly signed punters. This is a bonus you can get when your deposit after registering is minimum £30. This relatively new online bookie site is a great online ground for darts betting, with promotions and opportunities for mobile betting with the special app.

Coral is our fourth choice of an auspicious online bookie worth recommending for darts wagering. You can place your bets on all matches, on outrights, tournaments, specials, on the correct score, on total legs, on double chance, etc.