Online Football Betting

Lend yourself fully to the appeal of football with online betting for more thrills and wins. You have a host of championships to bet on, and the world of football is constantly teeming with exciting matches. Making your free bets on online bookie sites will bring the developments of matches to your fingertips, anywhere, and you will be able to use your experience gained in matches watched to predict and make bets on the events of your choice.

The Football Events You Can Bet on

With the highest ranking championships you can make a choice according to which of them are the most thrilling, and where you feel you should place your wager.

  • Choose from the championships in England, or in Scotland.
  • The European Championships are another thrilling ground: with the La Liga in Spain, the Bundesliga in Germany, the French League, the Coppa Italia, etc.
  • The Champions League 2017/2018
  • The UEFA events are also among the most fascinating ones, so explore them, and as you bet, you can prepare for the Euro 2020.
  • It goes without saying that football events in different parts of the world also hold plenty of thrills, like the Primera Division in Peru, the A Ligue in Australia, the Brazilian Serie A, etc.
  • The World Cup qualifiers are another football events group which rivets the attention.

Lookfor Bet Calculators on Online Bookmaking Sites

Online bookies which offer a bet calculator will facilitate your choice. You can make the calculations to see how your predictions may develop, and then decide on your bet. You will achieve more profits when you rely on an online bet calculator for deciding on football bets.

Form Your Strategy According to Your Experience Level

To make the best bets possible, make them according to your experience level. The lines for betting open a week prior to an event, so you have plenty of time.

If you are a novice, first get to know the bet types. You can also find some books to introduce you to football betting. So you will need time to get a good idea of how to make good bets. If you are eager to start, you can register with several online bookies. Read the tips they offer for beginners, and follow them.

If you have some experience, smaller or extensive, you must already know which bookies offer the best choices according to your wishes. Remember that you must add some simple mathematical calculations to work out the odds. There are online odds converters to help you, so you can rely on them as well. Knowledge of handicapping is also important. Online forums can help, too.

The Betting Systems

You can develop your betting system, with which you will set some criteria that must be met. If they are met, then you can place your bet. For example, you can set up a system for betting on every winning team which is to play a team having a losing record. If you use that strategy, and follow your criteria, you will be facilitated in your betting.

The Most Popular Online Football Bet Types

The Point Spreads

In this bet, you will bet on the favourite, or on the underdog, and get points for that betting. The favourite must win by a result higher than the points given, and as for the underdog, it must win, or it must lose by a result lower than the points given.

The Over/Under

This is another vastly popular bet type. The online sportsbooks will set a total of points, and then you can bet on the score of both teams in total: whether it will be over, or under the total of points set by the bookies.

The Parlays

When you make a parlay bet, you will choose two, or more, football sides. To get a payout for your bet, you will need to see them both win. This type of bet can be offered on online bookie sites in combination with over/under bets. The parlay bets on lower scoring football teams are combined with under bets, and the parley bets on teams with high scores are combined with over bets. If you make a parlay bet on a larger group of teams, like 10 teams, that is a diffucult success to achieve. But you can bet small, and if your bet proves successful, you will really reap big wins.

The Teasers

This type is in fact a parlay bet. In it, you will use alternative point spreads. The spread of your selection will move in your favour, and you will get a smaller payout.

The Pleasers

Like the previous type, that of teasers, this is a parlay bet type, and you will use alternative point spreads. In the pleaser bet, the point spread will move to the benefit of the bookie, and will yield a higher payout.

The Money Lines

Compared to point spreads, these bets are placed on a team's winning. This type is great for underdog betting, especially if you feel that your selected team stands a high chance of winning. If the point spreads are low, of the order of 3.0 or under, the money line bet is a better option. As for bettors who bet on favourites, they can also choose the money line bet for the prospect of more wins, compared to the risk of a close win in a point spread bet.

The Props

Props is short for propositions. In this type of bets, you can wager on statistics for teams, and on specific events. Examples are: betting on which team will score the first, which player will be the first to score, what type of possession the first possession will be for one of the teams, etc. There are a wide range of props on offer with online bookies.

The Online Bookmakers We Recommend for Football Betting

Currently, on Coral, you are invited to register and make a £1 bet, with a deposit of minimum £5. If your bet loses, you will get a £5 free bet. This offer is valid for four days.

888sport will offer you a bet calculator, as we have already mentioned. Moreover, not just betting on scheduled football events, but also a vast palette of promotions are extended, which change weekly. So if you are looking for diversity, 888sport has it aplenty, with a raft of football specials on offer.

On PaddyPower, the current offer for newly registered bettors is highly tempting, with enhanced odds and enhanced wins which are paid in free bets right away.