formula 1The world of Formula 1 is a captivating one, with speeds and driving exploits to marvel at and watch with bated breath. Several hundred million fans and enthusiasts to bet on Formula 1 results watch each race. The opportunities for betting are numerous, so choose what type you feel will bring you wins, and make your online wager with the top bookies for Formula 1 betting. The months from March to November are the months of races and betting, so prepare your intuition, knowledge, and money to make your wagers.

The Types of Bets to Place on Formula 1 Events

The types of wagering will depend on your preferences: for wagering on one driver, or on more than one. Other bets you can make are of the matchup type, bets on the drivers that will finish as the top ones, and also prop bets.

Our advice for you is to compare the odds that the top online bookies offer. There are small differences, but if you factor in the duration of the Formula 1 season and the many bets you are going to place, then these small differences add up and make a big one. Moreover, we advise you to use the free bets opportunities offered by online bookies. If you are a novice, you will gain experience and will not use your own funds yet. And even if you are experienced, you will gain extra value, which is great.

The Bet on the Race Winner

This is the easiest bet, as you pick the driver you predict will finish the first in the race. Here you can bet on the favourites, but often there are very low odds for them, so here again you can compare the hot favourites with other drivers, and there can be selections among those others that will offer better value for your bet.

The Bets on the Top Three Winners

These bets are on the driver that you predict will finish in the top three, or the drivers that will get in the top three for the ra ce. Another name for them is podium bets. No matter whether the driver you have wagered on finishes first, or the second, or the third, you will get the same payout for your bet.

The Bets on the Top Six Drivers

You will place these bets on the drivers that you predict will finish in the group of the top six ones. Compared to the previous type, these are not as common, but still you can find them easily. Note that this type is not typically offered by bookies on the favourites for the specific race.

Matchup Bets

You will place this type of bets on a group of two to six drivers. You must point out the driver that you predict will finish with the highest result in the race. Note that online bookies typically extend from 10 to 15 matchup bets for a Formula 1 race.

The Bets On the Winning Margin

The margin is the difference in the finishing time between the two top drivers for the race. On online bookies sites, you can find them as over/under bets, or as bets on the seconds that will form the difference between the finishing times.

The Prop Bets

Among other betting opportunities on online bookies, you will also find opportunities for betting on results based on luck for a particular race. Just remember that because luck is involved, these bets will not be very rewarding. It is up to you to indulge in the thrills and risk by betting on a result that will depend on luck.

The Futures Bets

You will find these on most online bookmaking sites. They are bets you make on which driver or which team will win the next season. If you are new to betting on Formula 1, you may think that just knowing who won the last season is enough to base your prediction on. In fact, you must factor in more information than that, to hope for success.

Our Tips for Betting on Formula 1 Drivers and Races

Before you make your wagers, you must think about the peculiarities of each race.

One of these peculiarities is the racing circuit. Some circulits are tight ones, so take into consideration the fact that overtaking while driving on them is difficult to achieve. So when the race is taking place on such a circuit, there is little likelihood that the front drivers will be overtaken. Examples are the Grand Prix in Monaco, and the Australian Grand Prix circuit.

Related to that is the small likelihood of crashes, because the participants in the race starting as the front ones will drive one after the other, rather than side to side.

When the season is without a single dominating driver, and the odds are close for several Formula 1 drivers, punters with experience in betting on this sport know that the predominant number of winners in the history of these races are from the several front starting positions, from the first four or five ones. And in some races, the winners come from the top two positions. So if you still have little or next to no experience, avoid betting on winners in races from the very beginning.

The Top Bookies for Free Bets on Formula One

Firstly, we would like to point out William Hill. There, you can get a matched free bet amounting to up to £30. You can use that bet on sports, so register, and enter the promo code to get the free bet during the registration. Then you can make the first deposit. Your first bet must be minimum £10. You must make it on the day of your registration.

On 888Sport, you can sign up and make your first bet of minimum £5. The free bet offer is valid for 7 days. You will not be able to use this opportunity if you make your deposits via Skrill. For betting on mobile devices, use the special 888 app, and get free bets and promotions.

Paddy Power is another online bookie we recommend for Formula 1 betting. There, as you open an account, and bet minimum £10, you will get three free bets of £10. This offer will be valid for 30 days after the opening of your account.