Online Golf Betting

Golf is the favourite sport of so many punters that betting on golf matches is a frequent temptation. Not just real life audiences, but punters following golf events online are avid to see which the winners will be. Betting on the winners, and placing other golf events bets, can be highly thrilling and lucrative. Golf events take place the world over, and you can indulge in online betting throughout the year.

The Major Golf Championships

The major world golf events, for professional golf players, are four. So far no player has won all of them, but Tiger Woods for example has won three out of the four. The Players Championship is another high ranking golf event.

Let us outline brief details about the major events you can choose to make your bets on them. These are the busiest ones, so excitement is in full swing, each year, because of the high level of capabilities and the intensive competition.

The first of these events is the British Open. It is the oldest event, and it is the only one which does not take place in the US.

The US Open is the second high profile one, one of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) tournaments, together with the PGA Championship. It takes place in June, so the weather is auspicious.

The PGA Championship, another annual event, is especially interesting because it is played on a different course each year.

The Masters is an event taking place each April, in the first week. The venue is the Augusta National Golf Club.

One more event, a biennial one, is the Ryder Cup. It is played between the USA and Europe. In the course of 3 days, 28 matches are played. The event is filled with exciting changes in advantages from team to team, so follow it for betting opportunities and for taking advantage of promotions offered by online bookies.

The Golf Bets and How You Can Choose to Make the Suitable Bets

In golf there are tournaments, so you can bet on the tournament winners. You can also choose to bet on the most prominent golf tournaments and events. There will be different offers of bets on different online bookie sites. Some of these offers will come up very early, and though the risk involved will be higher, the profits involved will be more tempting. You can take up offers which come later, but offer more certainty – that is a good policy if you are a beginner or with little experience.

If you want to immerse yourself into plenty of thrills, you can also launch into live betting. Check with the bookie of your choice to see if they offer live betting opportunities.

The odds are another factor you must look for. You must shop to find out the best odds, to make more success in your golf betting.

The Vast Palette of Bets

You can really find so many bets opportunities in golf events, as most of them are played in 4 days, and with 72 holes. With around 150 players taling parts in many golf tournaments, your opportunities for betting are numerous. You can bet on the outright winner in the tournament, and also place other bets on details related to the players, to the victory, and so on.

The Tournament Winner

This is a difficult bet to decide one, but the odds are very tempting. They are usually in the range of 20/1 to 40/1. If you seriously intend to place this bet, you must shop around and compare to find the best odds. There is varying in odds in golf, so you must do a good job there.

The Head to Head Bet

You will make this bet simply, with two players pitted against each other, and you will wager on the player you think will have the better result. This is a bet which is common in the final days of a tournament event. Finding out the best odds is essential here too.

The 3 Ball Bet

This bet will be on one of three players and his result in a particular day. You will place it on the player out of three players who you think will achieve the best round. It is offered for most of the PGA tournaments, but some online bookie will offer it for the major tournaments only.

The Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets you make to predict if a specific event which will impact the final result will take place or will not take place. Online bookies offer different prop bets. You can find betting opportunities on a player out of two players who you predict will have the higher ranking for a given period, for example for the year. You can also make a prop bet on over or under the number of tournaments that a player will win in the specific season, etc. If you are tempted by this type of betting in golf, you can find diverse prop bets on offer on the four major golf tournaments.

The Futures Bet

That type of bet will be offered before the start of the season. You will bet for example on the player that will be the best for that season, the player that will win in each of the four world tournaments, etc. This is especially auspicious for handicappers.

When the season of the golf events kicks off, the futures change, so you must take care to place your futures bet before the events have started.

The Best Online Bookies for Golf Betting

William Hill is a great choice for betting on golf events, tempting with the offer of free bets for newly signed customers. Just bet £10, and you will be bestowed £30 in free bets. You can bet in-play, and take advantage of great odds.

On 888Sport, you can treble your odds, and bag extra earnings with the help of free bets. You can bet live on this online bookie too. Major golf championships odds are on offer there.

On SkyBet, make a stake of £5, and win £20 as a new customer. Follow the highlights and the odds, and bet live too.