Greyhound Racing

What Is Greyhound Racing

In this type of sport, you will bet on races done in two types. One is racing around oval tracks, and the other is coursing. The hounds are led by artificial lures which move ahead of them and motivate them to run. In the UK, Australia, Ireland, Spain, the US, and in some other countries, you can bet on hounds of your choice. There are, too, other countries in which races of this type are held as amateur events.

The Regulating Board, Tracks and Stadiums

In the United Kingdom, greyhound racing enjoys overwhelming popularity. The regulation is implemented by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. The regulated tracks are as follows: in England – 126, in Scotland – 12, in Wales 0 5. There are also independent tracks, 256 in number.

The number of registered stadiums for this sport is 26, comprising Wembley Greyhounds at Wembley, White City Greyhounds at White City, Harringay, Walthamstow, West Ham, Powderhall, Cardiff Arms.

Online Betting on Greyhound Racing

With online betting, you can place your wagers on greyhounds participating in a race, When you choose your online bookie for betting, you must compare the odds, because the fixed odds are a little differing from one bookie to another. Another rule of thumb is to look at the promotions for signing up, if you are a new customer.

The Setting of Odds and Odds Importance

There are oddsmakers who set the odds for the specific event. When you bet on a greyhound race, it is important to manage to beat the oddsmaker. Choose your type of bet, and decide on the amount you would like to wager.

Parimutuel and Fixed Odds

The odds will be set in two types, Tote, also called Parimutuel, and Fixed Odds.

In Parimutuel, all the wagers will be placed in a common pool, and the payoff odds will be calculated by sharing that pool among all the winning bets. This is low risk betting for bookies, as they are informed about the exact margin beforehand.

In Fixed Odds, it is the punter who knows beforehand the exact odds to get when placing a wager. The odds will not be the same for all the punters betting on a specific outcome. The reason is that they may change in time, depending on the amounts bet on the outcome. The online bookie will adjust the odds, to ensure its profit, no matter what the outcome of the event. An example will illustrate how that happens. If that is a two outcome wager, and the betting by punters in intensive on the first outcome, the online bookie will reduce the odds on that outcome and will up the odds on the other outcome, to achieve a balance. There is higher risk involved in this wagering, because of the profit margin which is not guaranteed.

The Major Bets in Greyhound Racing

The Win Bet

You will place it on the winner you predict for the race. You can place it on Parimutuel, or on Fixed Odds. 

The Place Bet

You will place this wager on the place for your selected runner. You can wager on whether your chosen greyhound will come first, or second, or third.

Note that the amounts to be won here will be much smaller compared to the previous type of bet, because the chances of winning are higher. You can also place your bet on Parimutuel, or on Fixed Odds. The amounts won will depend on the number of greyhound running in the event. So if there are fewer than five, there will only be a wager on the first one, with five to seven greyhounds running the wagers will be on the first and the second place, and with more than seven greyhounds running there will be wagers on the first, the second, and the third place.

The Each Way

This is actually a combo of two bets, the above two types, the win and the place wagers. If your combo wins, you will get a dividend on both bets, and if your chosen runner finishes second or third, you will only get a dividend on the place bet.

The Quinella

In this bet, you will pick the first and the second in the event, in any order. What you get as a dividend will depend on the amount placed on the correct combination in the pool.

In the Quinella bet, you will select from some variations. In the Box Quinella, you will select more than two runners, and choose any of your selection as the first and the second to finish. With more runners selected, the wager to place will be upped. In the Standout Quinella, you will stand out one or two, or more runners.



This wager will differ from the previous one in that you will select the first two runners to finish, but in the correct order. This wager will generally pay out more compared to a Quinella, but is not as commonly on offer. This bet will also increase with the upping in the number of selections you make.

The Trifecta

In this wager, you will select the first three runners past the post, most commonly the Box Trifecta: there, your selections can finish in any order to yield a win. Another option is the Standout Trifecta, in which you will choose the correct order of finishing greyhounds.

The Duet

You will choose two of the three top finishers, in any order, and the dividend will come for selecting first and second, or first and third, or second and third. The options here will be a single duet, with two runners selected as eligible for the top three, a box duet for three or more greyhound runners, and a Standout Duet in which you will stand out for a runner to finish in the first, or second, or the third place and there will be many other runners finishing behind. The pools for this bet are not large.

The First Four

You will make this wager on the first four greyhound runners to finish the specific race. The options of this bet are Straight, Box, Standout, or Multiple First Four. 

The Doubles

Here, you will select two winners in two separate races, on aa TAB-covered event. TAB is the top Australian sports betting site. The options are Running Doubles – for the winners in two consecutive races, or daily Doubles – for the winners in two races in a meeting. You can also pick more than one runner per race, and your bet amount will go up too.

The Trebles

This will be a wager on the winner in three straight races. The odds for each of the legs will determine the payout. 

The Quadrella

This will be a wager on the winner in four races at one meeting. The pools for this bet are hefty, and often promotions come as a perk.

The All Up

You will wager on a win or on a place for different races on the card. To get a payout, you must get success on all of the legs. 

The amount to be paid will be formed by multiplying your starting bet by the odds for the selections you made. The entire amount won on a leg will be placed on the subsequent leg.

The Top Online Bookies For Greyhound Racing

On William Hill, you will benefit from a great offer of £30 in free bets as a new customer. The bookie is the sponsor of the Greyhound Derby, covered on Sky Sports. Plenty of tips and specials also await you.

Another great bookie for greyhound race betting is 888Sport, also with a welcoming offer for new customers, and plenty of promotions, plus mobile betting capabilities.

On PaddyPower, there is another opportunity for £30 as free bets for newly signed up punters, plus special offers and virtual betting.