Horse Racing BettingHorse racing captivates not only with the thrills of races, but also with the numerous betting opportunities in which you can test your luck and practise. Betting is possible on the winners, on the winning distances, on the horses to finish in the frame, or you can place matching bets against fellow bettors.

Betting in advance on the major horse racing events

For major events in this sport, like the Grand National and the Royal Ascot, you can make an advance placement of your bets, even months prior to the date of the event. Just stay informed by following the news and updates, and use the tips we have provided here, to bet for success. Following bookmakers' markets, you can grab the promotions offered as soon as they are rolled out.

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Brief descriptions of horse racing bets

You can start betting even before the races have begun. There are capabilities to place your bet on every race to be held in the UK and in Oreland, as you use the early prices tables brought online by bookies. Along with that information, there will be comparisons which will facilitate your choice. Make your betting on the afternoon before the racing day, or on the very day, before the racing has kicked off.

  • Betting to Win

In this bet, you will wager on the horse you have selected to emerge the winner.

  • Betting Each Way

This means your bet will consist of two bets. You will place half the wager on the winning of the horse, and the other half will be on it to be placed. If the horse wins, you will win on the both components. For the place part, you will get a part of the winning ods. That part will be formed depending on the race type, and on how many runners participate. To place this wager, you will need 5 or more runners. Bookies will also make special offers for this bet, getting down to the 6th place, for events like the Grand National.

  • Place Only Bet

You can opt for this bet if, for instance, you feel that a horse will finish second, or third. This means you will make your bet without the win part of the preceding bet. In the US, this bet is of two types. It is Place for betting on the horse finishing first, or second, and when you wager on the horse finishing first, or second, or third, it is called Show.

Our advice for these bets

The strategy we would like ro recommend is to place the first bet, Each Way, for odds higher than 4-1, so that you can get enough to cover a loss in the Win portion. As for the Place Only bet, recommending a suitable strategy is difficult.

Ante Post Betting

This is betting before the final declarations are made in the races. In this betting, you can grab a much larger price for your selection than the starting price. But here you stand a risk of losing your wager, the horse may not start the race, get injured, etc. Recently bookies started also including a non-runner – no bet detail in some top races.

Our advice for Ante Post Betting

The risks here are high, and you should not rush to grab the offered prices immediately after a big race. Just wait for several days, then the market will settle. One more tip that can help you is the weather forecast for the racing day. Another hekpful factor is the money amount the owner has invested in a horse.

race horse with jockeyForecast Betting and Tricast Betting

In these bets, the making of forecasts is difficult, but the rewards are higher. The former is on the horses finishing first and second, and the latter for the horses finishing in the first, second and third places. You must also guess the correct order.

These bet types are:

  • Straight Forecast – betting on the horse to finish first and second
  • Exacta – the same as the previous bet type, with a return formed on the Tote pool divident
  • Trifecta – betting on the first three horses, in the correct order
  • Swinger – this bet comprises two selection; you will get a return if for both your selections the result is in the first three.

There are also reverse Forecast and Reverse Tricast, in which there is no requirement for guessing the exact order of the winners.

Multiple Bets

These are bets which can reward with large payouts if you place small wagers. In them, you will combine horses to run in several races. Here are the bet types:

  • Double – for combining two horses
  • Treble -for combining three horses
  • Trixie – for combining 3 hores, in 3 doubles and one treble; thus you make 4 bets. To get returns, it is enough to get 2 winning horses.
  • Yankee – here you will make 4 selections comprising 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one accumulator. To get returns, it is enough to get 2 winning horses.
  • Super Yankee – here you will make 5 selections comprising 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-way accumulators, and one 5-way accumulator; the total is 26 bets.
  • Lucky 31 – with 5 selections, like the previous two types, but with 5 single bets added, so the total is 31 bets.
  • Heinz – betting on 6 horses, on a total of 57 bets comprising: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, plus one accumulator. To get returns, you need minimum 2 winning selections.
  • Lucky 63 – like the previous bet; the difference is there are 6 single bets
  • Super Heinz – any multiple combinaton comprising 7 horses, for a total of 120 bets: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds, plus one To get returns, you need minimum 2 winning selections.
  • Goliath – here you make 8 selections, for a total 247 bets: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds, plus one To ghet returns, you need minimum 2 winning selections.
  • Scoop 6 – it is an accumulator, on Saturday, comprising 6 races of your choice.
  • Tote Jackpot – a daily bet; you must name the first 6 winners in a race.
  • Tote Placepot – a bet on a selected horse placed in each of the first 6 races; suitable for bigger events, with larger fields
  • Tote Quadpot – a bet for a chosen placed horse in a meeting of your choice, in the first 4 Tote Quadpot races.

Our advice for Multiple Betting

The prospects of high wins come with high risks. So you must check what odds would bring you returns and what type of bet you must choose.

The Top Bookies for Horse Racing Betting

Our selection starts with William Hill. There, you will benefit from in-play radio, plus live streaming, and added are the materials in the blog section. The promotions and offers are complemented by the Best Odds Guaranteed for horse and greyhound racing. Combine that with the priority access card for easy access to your win amounts, on ATMs, in shops and other places.

On Paddy Power, you will also have a bunch of conveniences, special offers like money back offers should your horse finish second to the SP favourite. The prices for horse racing betting are guaranteed, so if your selection gets a higher SP on UK racing and on Irish racing, you will get the higher of the two prices. Another benefit is the Acca Insurance, which is for online bettors only, and only for users of the Paddy Power mobile app.

Another top bookie is Bet365, with offers like Non Runner No Bet, Best Odds Guaranteed, and free streaming you can use on your mobile, plus a special On the Move bonus as a welcome for mobile device users.