Online Rugby League Betting

Online Rugby League Betting

The old adage that rugby is played by gentlemen for hooligans will explain why so many punters are keen on watching and betting on rugby. Well, this game owes a lot to the Rugby League events, and the thrills are high when the score is upped by the try, or the touching of the ball beyond the opponents; goal line. Rivalry is intense, so kicking goals can also up the score.

Not just in England, but in Australia and New Zealand, Rugby League is high in popularity. There is a country where it is the national sport: Papua New Guinea. Rugby League is an international passion, and since the first event of the World Cup, in 1954 in France, many events have upped the excitement and urged punters to follow events and scores.

Major International Rugby League Competitions

The most prominent international events are the World Cup and the Four Nations. The World Cup is held every four years;the 2017 event is to be held in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The next tournament will be held in England in 2021. The Four Nations is held biennially with the partnership of Australia's and New Zealand's and England's Rugby Football Leagues; thus it represents the three most involved countries, and to them is added the fourth nation, which is represented by rotation by Europe and the South Pacific. The Four Nation is sponsored by Ladbrokes.

The Super League is the most prominent European competition. It comprises 12 teams, 11 of which are English and one is French. The Super League now draws top players from around the world. Its broadcasting partners are Sky Sports for live matches and BBC for highlights.

Other Rugby League Competitions

These are the play-offs for the season, and the Challenge Cup. The latter is a tournament for professional, but also for amateur teams in England and in Wales.

The Bets in Rugby League

You will find bets on Rugby League events with all prominent online bookies. You can look forward to the 2017 World Cup events and to other matches and study the odds to make your decision on the right bet. To help you, here is a brief summary of the major bets types.

The Match Result

This bet will be on the result of a Rugby League event.

The Winning Margin

That margin will be set by the online bookie. As you place your bet, you will wager on the winner and on the margin for the winner. There are five options in this bet. One option is to wager on a drawn result. The other options are on one team winning by up to 12 or by more than 12 points, and on the other team winning by up to 12 or by more than 12 points.

The Outright Win

That is a bet you will make on whole events, not on single matches. You can wager on the events for example for the season, predicting who the winner for the season will be.

The Head to Head Bet

When two contending teams are playing, you can bet on one of them as the winner. In the event of a drawn match all the bets will be refunded.

The Line or Handicap

When a team is a firm favourite compared to another team, you can make a handicap bet, because online bookies give handicap lines to such prominent favourites. You can bet on the points for the favourite or for the other team, betting on the favourite's score as more than the set points, or on the other team as losing by no more than the set points.

The Combination Bet

You can place a bet of this type when you combine your predictions for three results, for example on the first scorer, on the lead at half time, and on the winner.

When you plan to wager on a specific player, you must first check the details about his career, the performance, the tries scored, even the penalties. The statistics about the player will help you to more correctly predict that player's chances when you bet on his performance in the forthcoming event.

The Bets on Scores

These bets can be made on the first or on the last tryscorer, or on the tryscorer for any given time in the event. Furthermore, you can bet on the highest scoring half, on a brace or a hat trick of tries, etc. In Rugby League, when one players scores two tries in a match, that is called a brace, and scoring three tries in a match is a hat trick.  Check with the online bookie of your choice and follow the development of the event.

The Futures Odds

This bet can be placed before the match or the event starts.

The Finals Bet

Placing this bet you will wager on the playoffs or on the grand final events.

Some More Bets for Certain Rugby League Events Only

You can also make your bets on the following popular events:

  • The Premiership Winners is an English competition in which 12 clubs participate.
  • The Wooden Spoon bet applies to Australian events, and is placed on the team that you think will come last in the table by the end of the season.
  • The bet on Minor Premiers will be a bet on the team finishing first after the regular season, and before the kickoff of the playoffs, in Australian competitions.

The Recommended Bookies for Rugby League Betting

William Hill comes as one of the top recommended bookies for betting, with a welcoming offer of £30 in free bets for depositing £10 as a new customer. Explore the match highlights and the extensive list of markets for the events shown.

On 888Sport, notable events are offered with odds to bet on, like the Six Nations event held in February and comprising players from England, Scotland and Wales, plus players from Ireland, France and Italy. Another event you can bet on is the Autumn Internationals. There are also all the major events to bet on, including live and on mobile devices.

On BetVictor, you are also invited to bet £10 to obtain free bets of £30. Plus, to help you decide on your wager, you will find extensive information on events.