tennis1Tennis has enjoyed an invariably high popularity, and even fans of other sports know household names like Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, to mention but a few. They offer a raft of thrilling games, so tennis fans are keen on betting online. Following live streaming of tennis matches and taking advantage of in-play capabilities, everyone can place their bets and get rewarded for correct predictions. The thrills in betting on tennis come with the nature of the sport, where the games and sets results offer fluctuations, so everyone is on the edge and not just keeping their fingers crossed but also making predictions and placing bets on their basis.

The Major Tennis Events Worldwide

The best tennis players participate in the highest profile events in different places. The most prestigious world tennis events are the Grand Slam ones. Below is a summary of each of these tournaments.

  • Australian Open

Held in January in Melbourne, this event takes place on hard courts.

  • French Open

This event is held on clay, in the late May and the early part of June, on Stade Roland Garros in Paris.

Wimbledon prides itself on being the oldest tennis event worldwide. It is held in London, in the late June and the early July, on grass courts.

Played in New York City, the US Open is held late in August and in the early September. That tournament is the Grand Slam finale, taking place on hard courts.

Types of Tennis Bets

You can bet on these prominent events, and on more tennis tournaments and matches, by placing your online bets with the bookie of your choice. Here is the brief list of bets that you can make online on tennis events.

The Bet on Winning the First Set

The name of this bet shows what you will wager on. You can place it on the first set of any tennis match.

The Match Bet

In this bet, you will make your betting on the player who, according to your prediction, will win a single match. You must note the plus and the minus numbers that indicate the favourites or the underdogs. When the plus number is high, that is the signal that the probability of that player winning the tennis match is high as well.

The Set Bet

You can make that bet on the score in sets for the player of your choice, in how many sets that player is likely to win a match.

The Tournament Bet

You can place this bet before the tournament has kicked off. After you study the odds on the entrants in the event, you can place your wager on the player that you have selected to bet on because your prediction is that he or she will win. This is the bet you should select if you want to wager on one or several players for the whole duration of the particular event.

The Spread Bet

This is a bet you will make on the number of games with which the player will win the match. Note the plus and minus numbers here, for the players in the match. The minus number shows the player must win by the game total and the number indicates the number of games in which he is likely to win; the plus number indicates the player is an underdog and his or her loss is likely to happen by that number of games.

The Total Bet

As the name shows, this is a bet that you will make on the general, or total, number of games that are due to take place in the particular match. Another term for it is Over/Under. You will bet Over when you predict that both players will win a number of games, with a close score, and there are likely to be more games than initially appointed.

The Prop Bet

Prop bets are different wagers, for example on whether a tiebreaker will take place, or on the first player to lose the serve, etc. You can check about these bets with your bookie and see what bets are on offer there.

Our Betting Tips to Beginners

It is natural for you as a novice to be urged to bet on the favourites in prominent tennis events. It seems natural to be tempted to place your wager on a world famous tennis player. Our advice is to refrain from placing such wagers. The reason is that the odds on such renowned favourites are very short. This will mean a very small return on your investment. Imagine you bet on one of the tennis aces and place your wager on his or her winning all the matches in an event. There is no guarantee that the player on which you bet will win all of these matches. In fact, the options available in tennis betting are many, so you can make your choice more safely. Look at the bet types above and make your selection.

The Top Tennis Bookies You Can Make Free Bets On

First, we would like to recommend William Hill, with an attractive offer for new customers. The bookmaker will offer you £30 fo betting £10 in a free bet. The odds you must bet on must be minimum 1:2. If you use an e-wallet, you will not be able to avail yourself of the promotion.

On 888sport, you will be offered a trebling of the wins on your first bet, so do not miss this opportunity for new customers of this bookie. In addition, you will also be awarded €5 as a casino bonus. After you register, and then make your first bet, you can expect the trebling to take place on the next day.

SkyBet will offer you a £20 free bet when you wager £5. That is also an offer dedicated to new customers. The odds on which you make your bet must be evens or above that.

Yet another bookie with great offers for tennis betting is Bet365. The offer here, for you as a new customer, is of a 100% deposit bonus, which can reach up to €50. After you open your account, the bookie will send you a 10 digit code that you must enter after you have made your deposit. If you want to use the bonus bonus in your betting, you must before that turn over your deposit amount once in tennis betting.