Your guide for easily finding the best sites for betting – 2018

A guide with handy information on the best sites for sports betting is indispensable. Novices need it the most, to be sure that the site they have picked is a legitimate and reputed site. Avid sports aficionados with experience would also benefit from such a guide, to save them time and be helpful, too.

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Briefly about our site and its facilities

We have gathered and gleaned information, as guidance and tools you can use in your betting experiences. It will be especially helpful for novices to sports betting. Browse our reviews of the best UK bookmakers, and lists of bookmakers around the world. We have also included the currencies and depositing options for different bookmakers, to give you the full starting basis on which you can make your choice.

After you have selected the bookmaker site, we advise you to take the free bet offers it extends. For mobile betting aficionados, there is our list of the best mobile betting apps. We have included also reviews on each mobile betting app, to facilitate your choice.

Another perk you will get from our site is the free betting tips (comming soon), which can avail seasoned betters too. These tips are extended on major sports events, like the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, Europa League.

Legitimate betting sites

In the UK, the Gambling Commission is the independent authority which awards licences for sports  sites for betting which are on a sufficiently reputed level. These sites comply with the regulations set by the Commission regarding commercial gambling operators. The licensing details are displayed on the sites which have received it.

united kingdomThe UK betting market

The UK betting market is on a high level. Most UK sites engaged in sports betting have been active in the field for decades. They have complied with the regulations set by the UK Gambling Commission, and have become mature in the area of sports betting.

Picking from the offers on the market

Before you start picking offers, you must have some essential information on how to pick the best odds for you. Bookmakers can be likened to sports teams. They differ, some of them are better, others less good. Furthermore, whereas some bookies are specialised in all kinds of markets, others have a narrow specialisation. You must know how to make a choice, select the most appropriate odds for you.

The short guide to how to distinguish reputable bookmakers

Look for:

  • simple interface with easy navigation
  • easy wager placement
  • bonus offers and promotions
  • a large array of sports and markets
  • live streaming
  • live betting

Look for bonus offers

betting guideWhen searching for bookies for the best odds, you must rely on bonuses as the prime factor. Not just welcome bonuses for novices opening their accounts with a bookie, but also other bonuses extended to retain customers, are the rule of thumb to use.  On our site, you will find the top bookmakers in the field, and the bonuses they award, so you can use that data in your choice.

  • Deposit
    Deposit bonuses are extended to draw in new clients, and punters searching for betting sites are attracted by the highest deposit bonuses available, also called welcome bonuses. The offers of 100% deposit bonuses will instantly catch your attention. You can claim that bonus by registering an account on the bookmaker's site, or using their mobile app. Then, you will receive a promo code, which must be entered in a box in the site's members section. Next, you will receive the 100% bonus in your account.
  • Free bets
    You can find free bets much more often, not just on registering with a bookie site. The advantage is that the wagering requirements are very simple. An offer of a free bet would require you to place a small wager on an event with minimum specified odds. Another perk is that later, as you play, you get an extra bet, risk free, most likely following a refund.
  • Special money back offers
    Top sports betting sites have made these offers their characteristic advantage. One example of such refunds is with the money back offers extended by Paddy Power or Bet365. On Paddy Power, you can find such offers on practically all betting markets.
  • Accumulator bets
    Here, we should point out also accumulator bets, also known as ACCAs. These bets are composed of minimum 3 selections. That is why you can also hear them called Treble. To be successful in an ACCA, you need all the selections composing it to win. Even if just one of 3 or 4 selections would lose, then your ACCA would use too. On the other hand, the perk here is the high odds, which will be higher if you include more selections. Also, there can be really lucrative yields for small outlays, if your ACCA proves successful. That is common, and often bets of a pound will yield thousands if ACCAs proved successful.

How to find the best betting sites to wager on football and horse racing


We have gone through lots of searching, to offer a handy list of bookies for betting on football. But in sports betting things stand like with shopping, for example. In each supermarket there can be promotional items, but the other items can be at higher rates, so the total can turn out to be higher than your usual spending. The same can be said about bookies, so you should have more than one account, to take advantage of different odds.11906107 s We have selected random matches from major leagues and championships, such as the Premier League, League 1, and the Championship. There, we have found the top performing players, from gambling's viewpoint, and compared the home win odds. The second step has been to compare the highest and the lowest odds between selected bookies.

Here is how you can find the best value for a football event to put a bet on. Our research has shown that the odds offered by some bookmakers are as much as 14% better compared to others. You can find the largest difference with Premier League matches, close to 14% - 13.94%. Compare that percentage to League 1 and Championship matches, and you will find out the percentage there is around 5%. That means you should not stick with one bookie only. We recommend Bet365 for lower league events. As for Premier League and other higher events, our recommendation is William Hill and BetVictor.

Plus, you can avail yourself of new player bonuses. One example is Coral’s new player bonus, where if you bet £5, you will be awarded a £20 free bet.

Horse racing

horce racing betHorse racing is another high favourite. But comparing bookies with respect to racing is difficult. The reason is most of them show just the starting price. That price is calculated using the current odds at a race event. Typically it is decided by a panel after tracking the price changes at the particular racecourse. On the basis of that starting price, the winning is estimated, but at the current event there are no fixed odds on offer or taken.

We have chosen bookmakers with Best Odds Guaranteed. As the phrase shows, should the starting price be higher than the odds, you will be guaranteed the payment of the higher of these values. But to be certain, we recommend you should check the applicable terms and conditions for the specific event. We selected 4 racing events, and compared the starting odds, taking random participants with our top bookmakers. Then we compared also the prices offered, like for like, as we did in our research on football events.

The differences can be quite big, so here is an illustrative example. Take Bet365's offer of a promotion on Channel 4 horse races. Their offer includes a risk free bet matching your stake if you bet on a winning horse with the odds being 4/1. Here is what a risk free bet means: the stake is not included, but in the event that you lose, you will have your stake refunded shortly after the race. If you are a new subscriber to Bet365, the upside is the 100% deposit match offer, which will boost your bankroll.

Live betting and mobile betting: already established practices
Live betting and live streaming

The live betting market, also called in-play market, is establishing its popularity by the day. You will benefit greatly from it, so look for this feature with bookmakers. If it is lacking, that would deduce a lot from the efficiency of your betting and the enjoyment. It is an incomparable thrill to watch an event you are betting on live, so no one would like to miss it.

50431704 sYou can put your wagers on a plethora of sports, including universal favourites like football and horse racing, but, too, many other sports you would like to bet on, for example curling. By betting live you will have an interactive experience, seeing the development of the game and reacting to them at the next moment. Broadcasting the events live is called live streaming. That is also a feature you should look for with bookmakers. The top names offer live streaming, which enables you to do live betting. To avail yourself of the live streaming service, you typically need to have some funds in your account, or you need to put a bet on an event, like it predominantly is with horse racing events. We have put the bookmaker sites with live betting top on our list. The ones lacking live betting, or at least audio comments, are lower on the list. We have a live streaming schedule for your convenience, where you can watch sports events free and live.

Betting mobile

smartphoneMobile devices are handy, always with their owners, at their fingertips, and punters can start betting at any moment. Bookmakers have responded to this universal trend by developing mobile apps. These are programs which can enable them to access the sports betting markets and bet conveniently. You will find mobile apps offered by almost all reputable bookmakers. They are part of the tools for expanding their accessibility and popularity. We invite you to read our opinion on popular mobile betting apps in the dedicated section of our site.

Major UK sports betting sites: outstanding on the market

There are many reasons why the major UK sports betting sites are famous as ranking among the most reputable ones:

  • quality products
  • reliability
  • seamless customer service
  • compliance with the respective regulations

For fans of sports betting, the reputable UK betting sites offer all the facilities for betting on the sports popular in the UK, Ireland, and in Europe. You will find sports like the highly popular cricket, tennis, football, golf, basketball, baseball, volleyball, athletics, rugby, motor sports, etc.

For fans of sports popular in North America, the reputable UK betting sites cover the sports events there, like hockey, baseball, football, basketball, NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, etc.

Furthermore, on top sites for betting you can wager live using the in play option, so that you can wager with enthusiasm as you watch the specific event.

In addition, customers are pampered with frequent promotions, extended to new customers and to regular ones alike. These include cross promotions, where you can wager even on sports that are not among the ones you wager on regularly.

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